November 29, 1987

Vassula, are you ready to sacrifice more now for Me?

Lord, You can use me as You please. I have surrendered. I am surrendering every day.

remain in Me, remain in My Love; daughter, numerous will be your trials; 1 would you still sacrifice more for Me, your God? 2

My God, take my life into Your Hands and do as Your Heart pleases.

My well-beloved bride, then, have a look at My Cross;

(I looked, and with Jesus was a gigantic dark-wooden Cross.)

I have been nailed on It, glorifying My Father; do you see what awaits you? I, the Lord, will share It with you; you will then bear all the sufferings your soul is capable of, I will stretch your endurance, little one;

Father, do as Your Beloved Heart pleases with me, anything that will give You more Glory. All that comes from You satisfies me.

be obedient to Me and please Me, obedience turns the devil helpless and makes him flee;

1 God was warning me.
2 After the warning, God, accepting my freedom, asks me again.