November 28, 1987

little one, embellish My Garden; as It is now, I see nothing in It but aridity; aridity is reigning over It; the dry winds are blowing on It, drying out what little is left; My flowers need watering, otherwise every single one will perish; My buds will not make it for the blooming season, they will perish one after the other; O if they only listen!

My God, why is it so complicated to reach a decision? Why is it so difficult to come to this decision? Why does it have to take months, years? Is it really so complicated, to love one another and unite as a family? Aren’t these very same ones that teach us to love each other and to learn to sacrifice and give? Does it have to take years to unite? Do they really have to have special councils and meetings? Why can’t they make one gathering a decisive one, joining hands and giving Peter the authority you once gave him, and please You, leaving You smiling?

how I love your simplicity, My child; it is childish the way you think; children are My weakness!

you see, when children quarrel, their quarrels never last more than a few minutes because malice is missing; but, daughter, these are not children, they have lost all the innocence they once had; they lost their simplicity, their holiness; building up instead malice for innocence, vanity for simplicity, unholiness for holiness, bigotry for humility;

you see, child, this is the reason I descend again to remind them how I, Jesus, am, I will come barefooted and humble, I will enter My Own House and kneel at My servant’s feet and wash them; 1 weep not, My Vassula, all is for unity; let Me use you; this time they cannot deny that it is I, Jesus, since I have foretold this event2 well before time; I have let you read part of what I have inspired My servant John XXIII with, but the rest…

Rest, Lord?

I have, later on, whispered in his ear about the great tribulations My Church will undergo;

I, Jesus love you all; remain in Me, in My Love;

1 Jesus spoke in metaphors.

2 The so longed-for UNITY.