October 21, 1987

(Today I had discouraging news. The Catholic theologian from Lyon whom I had put my hopes on, when he learned that I do not belong to the Catholic community, his enthusiasm became cold. He said I am experiencing God, but he does not understand that it’s far beyond this, for God is giving a message to all of us, as far as the ecclesiastical authorities and the Holy See. But of course, why should he believe? I come from nowhere, so to speak; as I once said, if I was one of them I would have been accepted and they would have tried to glance at the message. And this is exactly what God is trying to teach us, not to differentiate from one another. We are all under one authority, God’s authority. Why make a distinction? A distinction even upon the character of the person. I’m not wearing the habit, but does it matter, can I ask God why? He has chosen me as I am and wants me that way.)

Vassula, you are experiencing the same things as when I was in flesh on earth; remember Vassula, when the Pharisees questioned Me about who had given Me the authority to preach?

Yes, Lord.

beloved, My Message comes from Me; all authority will come from Me; you belong to Me; have I in any instant written that your authority will be given by mankind? little one, towards Wisdom lean your head;

(I became distressed and sad. Tears flowed out and I had to stop for a while to recover.)

My victim, I have chosen you to be the victim of My Heart, the sweet torture of your soul, victim of My Body and of My Soul; by the denials, anguishes and sorrows, Vassula, you will experience My life on earth; I will give it all to you in small doses with the capacity your soul can bear; you will, and you have already been, disbelieved, accused, mocked upon, rejected; Vassula, there will be more to come, yet, on the other hand, I have given you those who believe in My Message of Peace and Love; they are your witnesses;

let me remind you, that you too will be betrayed; 1

Vassula, I love you; I, the Lord, am your support; to Me come and get consoled; let My Peace enwrap you, come, all authority comes from Me and not from men; you belong under My Authority, which is One; One Authority;

My God, thank you for giving me Your support. Thank you for giving me witnesses too. I will not raise my voice anymore, I should keep my words which were, “Do what you please with me, if you give me delights or sorrows, I will thank You all the same. You want me thrown I’ll be thrown, You want me cuddled, I do not merit it. Do what Your Heart desires most. I am Yours.”

yes, be soft so that I may engrave deep in you My Words; remember My Presence and My Love;

1 By one?