October 19, 1987

(I want to add here, that while in Greece, I was reading St Thérèse of Lisieux; her biography. She was in my mind constantly, and while I was on the local bus and in deep contemplation on her, thinking of her with love, the bus stopped and there in my deepest contemplation I saw the Greek words for “I love you” and two hearts, each letter a foot tall; they were written on a bus station roof, four metres away from me. My senses being in another plane I knew she was telling me this. It was her message.)

daughter, do you realise that My plans have been laid out long before you were born?

wait and you shall see; rest now, replenish always from Me; I love you;

Jesus, I love You, Beloved.

have My peace, daughter; I will see that you will lack nothing; seek your rest nowhere else but in My Heart;

Lord, I am asking You if there is anything one can do to help Mrs X’s son.

hear Me, works of love are able to deliver him;

By who, Lord?

Vassula, by all of you;

Jesus, Beloved, I ask You with Your Divine Hand to bless the community in Bangladesh. I ask You to bless them all. Support them.

Vassula, tell them to cradle My love for it is within them; I am in the midst of My beloved ones; daughter, with My Hand I bless them;

(I prayed for Mrs X’s son.)

believe in what you ask; little one, have faith in Me;

Jesus, can You see what’s wrong with him?

I can;

Wouldn’t You want him near You, Lord?

ardently I want him; beloved, Satan has a hold on him;

(I heard Satan yelling, “I refuse to let go!” He was furious.)

Lord, Jesus, if You want me to suffer for him but bring him near You, let me do it. What can I do? Maybe I’ll go without water for two days?

(Switzerland’s climate is extremely dry and one drinks a lot.)

Vassula, suffer for him; do not drink any liquids while you bear My Cross;

I’ll do this as a sacrifice.

beloved one, later on you will understand; care for your brother, sacrifice for him; I love him;

Jesus, I will.