October 18, 1987

daughter, will you take My hand and continue My Works?

Yes Lord, I never want to leave Your Hand.

I want it to be clear to you, what I have said previously; I said that I will foretell events that will take place so that there would be no doubt that this comes from Me;

Jesus, have You not said that the only sign You will give is me?

yes, I have said that you will be the sign of My Works, I have designed My plan long before you were born;

flower, stay open so that My dew of righteousness drips in you; sip from Me My Virtues; I want you perfect; I want My flower embellished, saturated with My Perfection; I want My flower to fragrance My divine Myrrh; look at Me, Vassula;

(I looked at Jesus.)

all My wishes will be accomplished; would you devote more of your time for Me, Vassula?

My time is Your time. I live for You.

replenish then your lamp, take from Me;

Jesus, what can I say? You give me so much when I deserve nothing. You keep giving me and I can’t even offer You anything that’s close enough to what You are giving me. You give me Light. You woke me from the dead. You healed me and poured on me Your works.

glorify Me; who freed you, Vassula?

You did, Lord. Can I say something?

beloved, tell me; 1

My God with Your Mercy, Love and Power, do unto my brethren as You have done unto me … free them … lift them to You. Let them feel Your love as I feel it. I want to rejoice seeing souls approach You. Then unite all Christians and those who deny our Blessed Mother.

Vassula are you willing to perform sacrifices?

Yes Lord, if I can be used that way.

I will show you what I desire from you, beloved, derive from Me always; I love you flower; 2 remember, reserve your tears for later on when your ears will hear how My own treat My Mother!

Do not let them anymore.

Vassula, the day will come, and that day is very near, when My Church will speak one language, but before this glorious day there will be tremendous upheavals, partly because of man’s vanity, sin and lack of love, and partly because My Body is torn apart; let Me tell you once more, that My Body I will glorify and unite; flower, Love will unite you all; write down this too, stay small so that all authority will come from Me; 3 let it be known that My wishes are inflexible, they stand firmer than ever;

Which of Your wishes, Jesus? 4

Vassula, I desire to diffuse those words to My children which are:

“I, the Lord bless you, come to Me;”

Lord, lead me to them and help me diffuse Your words.

Vassula, lean on Me; live in My Light and rest;

1 God sounded like a tolerant father.

2 My eyes had filled.

3 I think Jesus means it for everybody.

4 I think Jesus went on without answering.