October 5, 1987

(I would go and repair for the pastor, as St. Mary asked me to do. Later on my cousin Ismini rang me up telling me they will go visit Turin in Italy, and asking if we’d like to go with them. Finally, I thought, it was my dream always to go there and visit the Cathedral that has the Holy Shroud. Jesus has arranged it again for me. I would go.


My cousins drove us to the hotel where they usually go. Turin is an enormous town, but our hotel was 500 meters from what I went for! Jesus made it easy for me. We arrived Saturday lunchtime, and after a while I went to the Cathedral. I was very impressed. Upstairs was the Holy Shroud in the dome of the Cathedral. I thought I saw the Holiest of places. Peace and Holiness reigned in that dome. I felt it in me, it was wonderful.

Later on I left for the hotel. It was evening when my cousin returned from shopping. I rushed to her to tell her where I was, but she seemed to be flying towards me, she didn’t want to hear me, she wanted me to hear her, for what she saw and discovered was so wonderful.

She said, “Vassula, that road we passed by 10 times and I, for so many years, I never saw St. Mary’s statue there. But it’s enormous! Almost three meters high. It’s so beautiful, Her dress with so many pleats, and her blue cape. She looked so beautiful, and She has Her arms opened like She’d like to embrace the world, you must come and see Her. You passed by Her, haven’t you seen Her? At each side of Her were satin curtains, red-scarlet, shiny and beautiful.” I said I passed it but I only saw the curtains which were worn-out, half red and half yellow. She told me that she too for years did not notice it. I had seen no statue.

The following day, Sunday, she wanted me to go and see the enormous statue so I said, ‘After I take you to the Cathedral where the Holy Shroud is.’ So she followed me. It was Sunday Mass. We stayed half an hour, then after lighting a candle we left for the big statue of St. Mary. We arrived there and my cousin almost fainted. For there was no big statue, or even small. There were no shiny red-scarlet curtains. There were the ordinary worn-out, yellow-red curtains I had seen, but no statue.

She did not understand it. But I did. Below the curtains was an interior door. She pushed it and it was a church. I said to her, “This is why we came to Turin, to go to this church, called Madonna di Rosario, to repair. The Church of St. Mary. The huge beautiful statue you saw was to pull and bring us here. Our Mother called us. She gave you the apparition of Herself in statue, big so that it impresses you, to pull us here. And She wants Her candle lit in Her Church, to amend for the priest’s words.” We entered and it was such a beautiful Church. Mass was on. We stayed till it was over. We went forward to a golden statue of St. Mary and Jesus as a Child, and it was there we lit her candle praying for Jesus to forgive us and him.)

Jesus, is this correct?

Vassula, yes, it is exactly as you recounted it;

I will lift you to Me as soon as you accomplish your mission; My Soul longs for you; Vassula hear My Mother;

Vassula, tell Ismini how much I love her; child, I gave her this image of Myself to attract her attention and lead you into My Church; beloved ones how I love you; honour Us, beloved, honour Us; amend for your brethren;

remember how close We are to you all; Vassula never get discouraged for I am beside you; lean on Jesus always; daughter, think of Jesus’ Passion; live for Him, glorify Him;

Only with Your help and the help of Jesus am I able to do all this. I want to honour You.

I love you all; I bless Ismini; I have blessed her and her husband in My Church;

I bless You, St. Mary.

I bless you too;

(Later on:)

Forgive me, Lord, for My total unworthiness and failures and lack of every good, making me offend You by this in Your presence.

I forgive you fully;

I love You, dear Lord.

every time you tell Me I love you, I overlook all your wretchedness, letting it pass by and stop My divine Justice from striking you, Vassula, for indeed you are wretched beyond words; you soothe My anger by telling Me you love Me;

(Jesus seemed severe, I feared Him.)

I fear You.

I am Love, so do not fear Me;

Oh Jesus, I wish I wouldn’t be so wicked and ungrateful and spiteful.

I pity you and it is out of pity I seldom flare up against you;

I know I don’t deserve a drop of grace on me, You have been too good to me, patient, You never got angry with me. You only loved me with my mistakes. You spoilt me.

Vassula, for such is My Mercy!


I am;

My God.

I am;

I ask You to teach me to love You more and as You wish so that You can spare me and so that I may honour You.

little one, I am your divine Teacher who will teach you; never doubt, never doubt of My Forgiveness;

No Lord, I will not doubt. Make me worthy of You because of your Grace and approach to me, allow me to glorify you. Forbid me to sin and from constantly offending You with my sins, Beloved.

bless Me;

Jesus, I bless You. Father, I love You.

at My Stations I desire to see you;

Oh Jesus, how? I want to but how, with who, who will guide me?

(From desperation my eyes filled.)

reserve your tears for the time you will hear offences being said on account of My Mother;

Oh Jesus, help me.

daughter lean on Me, let Me instruct you, please Me by being pliant as you are, come, be near Me, I love you;

I love You, Jesus. Have mercy on my ignorance.

I have; delight Me and say: “Lord, let Me be your victim, the victim of your burning Love; I desire to worship You and You only, stretched on Your Cross with You, never looking left or right; I desire to quench Your thirst by earning souls for You; victim of Your Love I will be, I love You;” say it!

(I said it.)

from now on you will never leave My Heart, Vassula; select, Vassula; either your life or a victim’s life, select;

Jesus I don’t want You to leave me. I want to be with You, at Your side.

then you have chosen well, you will resemble Me, be a victim of Love; flower, you will flourish under My Light;

I thank You, bless You, for all that You give me and for the compassion You have upon me.

have My Peace, daughter; never forget My Presence; allow Me to rest in you, for this is My home;

Jesus You make me happy and I learn from You.

flower, I am your Master and God; come, us, we?

Yes, Lord.