September 28, 1987

(Jesus was calling me. I was as eager to meet Him as He was. I don’t know but it seemed ages since we were together.)

O come, beloved! how impatiently I have waited for this moment to meet you in this way!

together Vassula, together you and I will sanctify Garabandal; for Holy it is, 1 since My Mother and I appeared;

May Your will be done, Lord.

Vassula, to be timid2 is not a sin; I am telling you this;

(I was happy hearing this. Suddenly my soul longed for Him.)

look at Me, little one; to languish for Me glorifies Me; languish for Me, I paid for you with the price of My Blood;

Vassula, why look around for a Spiritual Director?

I don’t know.

with Me you will learn, for I am Wisdom and Truth; come to Me and I will instruct you; Vassula, I love you;

tell him3 this, that I am going to restore My Church, I will revive My Church; I have selected you to work with Me; Vassula, meet him, talk to him, caress Me by saying how I taught you to caress Me glorifying Me; 4 love Me, Vassula for love wards off divine justice when it is about to strike sinners;

(Later on:)

Vassula, are you happy that I have liberated you?

Yes, My God. I’m very happy to be with You. I feel attached to You and happy.

do you believe Me now that I have bonds of Love on you?

I do now, Lord.

little one, bless Me;

I bless You, Jesus, and I love You and thank You.

Vassula, do you know that signs I have been giving and will continue to give, to make My Name be known to you, so that the Love I have for you all, may be in you and so that I may be in you; but many of My sacerdotal souls have disowned Me in the presence of men;

How, Lord?

by disowning My signs, they have disowned Me their God; have I not said that the man who disowns Me in the presence of men will be disowned in the presence of My angels?

have I not said that I will continue to make My Name known to you? why, then, do they doubt that I am among you and that it is by My Mercy I give you signs and miracles which are barely honoured; for let Me tell you, daughter, they have taken the key of knowledge! neither have they gone in themselves nor have they let others in who wanted to;

My God! You seem so angry, Lord!

Vassula, the time has come to Glorify Me; be alert and stay near Me; I love you little one, be one with Me;

Yes, Lord.

us, we?

Yes, us.


1 Even that was done, without my planning to go there. It came about in a natural way.

2 I was wondering if to be timid is a sin.

3 Him: is the Charismatic priest. He is new here; just transferred.

4 On the Holy Shroud picture.