September 27, 1987

(It was again as though all hell broke loose. The devil raged. He tormented my soul, to the point that I found myself asking the Lord to go on without me; that I would always love Him but I simply have no strength left to continue. Immediately I regretted my words. I then asked the Lord to leave me for my unworthiness. During my rest I saw myself on a rough road, fallen. Near me I saw Jesus’ feet, bare. He bent and lifted me again. Then in front of me I saw a large staircase of around 100 steps, and at the top the Saints were standing, calling me to climb up there. I turned around and saw a familiar figure. A priest, he had humour and was talking to me in Italian. I recognised Padre Pio! Near him I saw St. Francis of Assisi. St. Francis approached me. All were encouraging me to continue.)


I am; Vassula, do not fear;

Jesus, forgive me for being weak.

your weakness will be annihilated in My Strength;

io, sono con te, Padre Pio;

My God, is this happening?

yes, he is with Me, Vassula, and beatified by Me; I am with you, My Mother and all the Saints;

(Later on, after the Charismatic group, I couldn’t follow what was going on, because of mere ignorance; also that I craved for silence. I felt guilty, very guilty with ignorance.)

Vassula, do not worry, every man has got his own way of glorifying Me and praising Me; I have given you this way; 1 I and you, you and I; you are to worship Me in Silence; remember, I have already instructed you a few months back;

(True: May 31, 1987.)

at your side I stand;

(I felt Him so near I could touch Him solidly. My soul was happy again and in peace.)

little one am I not your Spouse? well then, will I not console you when you need to be consoled?

come to Me and I will lift your burdens, come to Me and I will console you! Confide in Me daughter, I am your Spiritual Director, I am your Spouse, I am He who loves you most, I am your Creator and God; come and fall in My arms and feel My warmth;

(Jesus left my soul in total harmony and peace.)

1 In writing.