September 29, 1987

My God, You seem to be unhappy with some of your sacerdotal souls.

Vassula, they are responsible for so many souls; not only do they fall, but with them they drag so many other souls,

But Lord, there must be many who are good, loving You, working as You want them to. I know some.

ah Vassula, there are many following My instructions, immolating, living humbly, loving one another, feeding My lambs; they are the salt of the earth, the beloved of My Soul; they are My Abels, they are the balm for My Wounds, assuaging My pain; to My sorrow, among them are the Cains too, the arrows of My Body, treacherous, blinded with vanity, wicked and with despicable inclinations; they are the thorns of My Head, numerous are their sins, hypocrisy is their master and it is to those My divine justice flares up;

take My Hand daughter, keep close to Me and I will point out to you those thorns; I will lead you with divine force into the very depths of My Body, I will let you recognise the lance’s blade; I will not spare the Cains, Vassula, for what have they to offer Me? their hands are empty and have nothing to offer My lambs; they love to show themselves in public, they love to be greeted obsequiously, they are like salt having lost its taste; I tell you truly daughter, they are today’s Pharisees!

Oh God, this is terrible.

Vassula, for this reason, everything that has been hidden will come to light and everything covered will be uncovered, for this is My will;

come now, do not forget My Presence;

No Lord, I look upon You as My Holy Father, Holy Friend, Holy Brother, and I look upon St. Mary as My Holy Mother, You are my Holy Family. How can I forget You?

beloved, I am your Spouse too, this is the way I wish you to love, love Us intimately, nevertheless never forgetting that we are Holy, honouring Us; We are your Holy Family, I am your God; be alert;

Yes, Lord.

let us go;

Let us.