December 14, 1986

I am your Consoler;

Tell me, Jesus, what good is this guidance and what for?

it will lead many to Me; it will revive My children to come back to Me, and read My Word;

I am your Good Shepherd who calls you to Me; believe Me daughter, look at Me, look at Me; I have revealed My Face to you; do not feel uncertain, believe in Me; have you forgotten how I work, have you not heard of My Works, do not let your era destroy you; stay, daughter, as you are; 1 do not let them convince you now that you are awake and abiding in My Light; stay near Me;

Jesus, please will You stop them if they try to do this?

I will; I will not let anybody destroy you; hear, all those that have ears; be watchful for the time is near;

1 Easy to convince me to believe just about anything! These people are called naïve in our circles.