December 13, 1986

daughter, do you feel I have trapped you? I love you, beloved, do not fear Me; you seem to fear that I am trapping you!

(True, I mentioned to my friends this and used the word ‘trap’.)

I know, I wished that you love Me;

Are You angry?

no, I am not;

Shall I be frank?


You wanted me to love You?

I did;

You have reached Your goal?

I have;

You seduced me and I like it!

are you happy this way?

I am very! I wish I would be less blunt!

you are learning; eat from Me, be blessed;

Is it possible that I bless You too?

it is;

Then have my blessings, Jesus Christ!

I love you; I have brought you up to be My bearer; I wished that you love Me; since you are going to be My bearer, I wish you to be holy since I am Holy and you are willing to follow Me and work for Me, do not fear of being holy; why are you fearing it so much?

Are you angry?

no, I am not angry; holy is to be pure and to live in Me; holy is to follow Me, loving Me; holy is to be like I am; I will teach you to be holy if you are willing;

I’m willing to do as You wish, since I love You.

I will teach you then, daughter; remain near Me and you will learn; trust Me and have faith in Me; believe Me when I tell you that I am happy to have you near Me; you will learn, go in peace and remember, feel loved by Me;