September 13, 1987

(Jesus, on the 8th, called me to Holy Communion. I went today and received Him.)

Father in Heaven,
Do not let men be the cause of my destruction,
Do not let them take away what You already have given me.
My fear is their insensitivity,
and when they close their hearts upon Your Heavenly Works
and when they shut their ears
I am very weak and vulnerable.
With one word, they will be able to break me
as easily as one breaks a reed.

O Vassula, Vassula, take My Hand; if they persecute you, they will be persecuting Me; if they mock you, they will be mocking Me; Love is suffering;

Help me, Father, from these people.

Love will help you; adorn Me with purity, be My altar; bear with Me My Cross; altar, grieve not;

I bless You, Father. I long for You.

(Later on:)

(This Sunday, September 13, was the second time from the beginning of this revelation that my soul felt in complete anguish, a sadness of an unexplicable reason; a bitterness that I thought I would not survive. Physically it hurt too. My chest was heavy and the pain ran down my arms. Jesus called me:)

Vassula, synchronise with Me and feel My pain; they are recrucifying Me;

Why, why do they do this to You?

beloved, they know not what they are doing;

Who’s doing this?

many souls; I love them and yet they despise Me; Vassula, share My pain, be one with Me;

We, us, Lord?

yes daughter; together we are suffering because of the infidelity of men; hold My Hand, together;

Together, Lord.