September 12, 1987

Fidelity always finds a way to be with Me; love Me and be faithful, child; unseen are My Works from the wise eyes; I have them hidden from them; My hidden Wisdom I give to the humble and to mere children;

daughter, I am Spirit1 and I have approached you teaching you as Spirit to spirit; My teachings were given to you spiritually and not in the way philosophy is taught; Vassula, be aware of what has to come for an unspiritual person will not accept these works as from the Spirit of God; he will defy them, because they are beyond his understanding, as this can only be understood by means of the Spirit; I, the Lord know what the wise think and I tell you truly, they do not convince Me;

(That same evening my soul, for an unknown reason, suffered. I longed for God. I repented. I asked Him if He wanted to hear me and if He had a few moments to listen to my repentance, I was facing God with a load of sins again …)