September 11, 1987

Vassula, let Me tell you, Wisdom has not just instructed you to find Peace; Wisdom has not just covered you with myrrh, fragrancing you with Her Sublime Love; Wisdom has not led you through winding ways bringing you fear and testing you to abandon you now; no Vassula, I have led you to be where I wished you to be; what I have commenced and blessed I will finish, come, rest on My shoulder;


little one, seldom do I find fidelity in men;

I want to warn you against men’s weakness which is infidelity; I love you and I will support you knowing how frail you are; allow Me flower to kiss you;

(I leaned towards God and He kissed my forehead, I, His child.)

I love you, I hallowed you, I freed you; come, I and you, you and Me, we, us, honour Me loving Me ardently;

(I love You. Holy Father, may I kiss Your hands?)

always do, daughter;

(I kissed His wrists.)