December 11, 1986

daughter, are you willing to be holy? do not fear;

(Jesus came back to the same subject of the previous message.)

What is it exactly to be holy?

to be holy is to be pure and completely devoted to Me; holy is to work with love for Me; holy is to love Me and stay near Me; holy is to obey the Law; holy is to be like I am;

Can one be holy in heart only?


Is the heart what counts more than the holy clothes?

yes, the heart is what is important; remain near Me, remain near Me; 1 you are not near Me like I wish! I feel you are evading Me;

(Jesus was not happy …)

I am Holy, so I want you to be holy;

I really want to be nearer to You!

do you really mean it? are you really seeking Me?

Do not abandon me!

I will not!


never! daughter, do not fear; are you fearing that the habit2 gives you sorrows? go on, say it!

(I took all my courage)

I really do not want to wear garments of nuns, I love You as I am also …

you finally had the courage to say it, daughter! I am pleased with you for being truthful! I, God, love you; you realise you would have been lying in My Face if you would have said the opposite;

(I felt God so pleased but He might be sad for the result.)

I am not sad! listen to Me; I want you to be holy in heart, not in the habit;

What is partial? Wouldn’t it be being partial not wearing the garments?

partial again teams up with the same meaning, one does not need holy garments to be holy; what worth are holy garments when the heart is unholy? it is like salt having lost its taste; I am going to you to be nearer to Me; I will bring you closer to Me; feel loved by Me, do not fear Me, I am Peace; I, Jesus, guide you, I lead you; pray more and work with Me in this way; augment your faith in Me; need Me; be watchful for the time is near;

1 ‘Remain near Me’ means that I was not concentrating on Him.

2 Nun’s dress.