September 9, 1987

Vassula I want those words I will give you to be known, I wish that those words be diffused all over, “I, the Lord, bless My children of Garabandal;”

Vassula bless them, unite them;

All with Your help I will, Lord …

(Then, ‘all hell broke loose’. Satan raged. His adepts as well. They have names even. I know those who are attacking me.)

Vassula, come; I will make you understand how they hate you; do not fear;

(Jesus dragged me underground. There we stood. I recognised hell, as my feet were in slimy and sticky black mud. A grotto cave. Jesus told me to listen. “Aha, it’s her again, another hag! bo beware now wound her, cripple her forever, wound her, so that we win, ill-treat her she feels the hate I have upon her and the rest of his creation, sabi, go too and wound her, I hate you all!” Satan was again like a madman. Jesus pulled me back out.)

now that you have heard his hatred you must realise with what determination he is after you to have you stop writing; I, Jesus, love you and under My wings I am guarding you, never leaving you an instant from My sight;

(Later on:)

Vassula, do not read these books, they have neither Wisdom nor Truth; wisdom is found in the Holy Bible; I am glad you heard Me;

(I had not done much as I was mostly meditating the whole day. When I realised time was gone I went to prepare our meal, as soon as I started to work, Jesus who was watching me interrupted my work saying: “Vassula have you got a moment for Me?” I said: “Yes, I have millions of moments, not only one for You.” I left my work and went to write. He told me to stop reading a book I was reading, advising me it’s no good. It was talking about things, I never had heard of and about legends, religions and all written by non-theologians.)

(Later on in the evening:)

all these parts of My Face were harmed;

(I was looking at the Holy Shroud photo.)

All what I see, Lord?

yes, all, they tore off part of My beard, they harmed My right eye;

Jesus, I don’t know what to say.

tell Me; I love you!


Vassula do not get discouraged, NEVER; I am with you; together we are bearing My Cross;