December 10, 1986

daughter, will you follow Me? do not wander astray, lead a holy life;

Jesus, can’t I be like I am? 1

hear Me; list Me one person of holy creed who never chose the Church; list Me one person who was partial! ….

I can’t think of any.

no, there were none;

(Jesus seemed to wait that I say something.)

You want me ‘complete’?

yes, I do; fear not; what are you caring for, daughter?

(I must have sighed.)

What happens if I stay the same?

remain always the same and you will discover that I will not stop calling you to Me!

Can I ask you a question?

you may;

Do You really care if I change?

I do!

Is there a difference if I change, I mean to be holy like You say.

yes, there is a difference; turn to Me and remain with Me;

Can you see right now in the future?

I do, beloved;

Can I ask you a question?

you can;

Since you see in the future I would like to know something, if You don’t want to answer me just draw me a heart – will I disappoint you in the end?

no, you will not disappoint Me;

(I was relieved …)

How would you feel?

I, God, will feel glorified;

You would??

I would; do not fear, why are you fearing to be holy? remember, you are in the beginning of My call;

What does this really mean?

it means that you are still learning from Me; I will be teaching you and showing you My Works; I am only in the beginning of My call, you will discover later on how I work; I will call you later on at the appointed time to find Peace; are you fully aware of what Peace means?

I’m not really sure. Peace could mean death, could mean Church. I do not know quite…

I am Peace; I am here, near you; My right Hand holding your writing hand; My Left Hand on your left shoulder; I am present and you feel Me; I am your Teacher, daughter; walk with Me! work with Me for I have appointed you to be My bearer; do not let discouragement come from men; many of them do not understand, for darkness might have closed their heart, eradicating all understanding; have peace; I, God, love you to distraction; courage, daughter;

1 Leading a jazzy life but also trying to be a disciple…