August 20, 1987

My God?

I am;

I think I understand Your previous message.

you have understood only part of it, child;

A part of what I understood is also Cain technology coming from men, unspiritual items?

yes, Cain represents all the things belonging to the world, write; Cain represents all what My eyes dislike; he represents in this era, iniquity, materialism, revolutions, hatred, paganism, 1 oppressors upon those I blessed, immorality; Cain never understood Abel whom I fashioned to my likeness; Abel comes from Me, he is My seed;

Meaning that he is spiritual and loves You?

precisely, and because of this difference he was disliked by Cain; I have said that the wise will not understand what comes from the Spirit;

Lord, I’m worried about something.

(I don’t wish to write it.)

I know, all I want to do is stir up his wisdom; which is more important to you, to leave him under heavy millstones or have you worried? even to have you suffer, what would you choose?

Without hesitation I’d choose to suffer for him.

I stirred you up from your sleep; would I not do the same to others?

Yes, My God.

well then, let Me free to act through you, hallowed by My hand; My Spirit is upon you, betrothed, beloved of My Soul; I have given you freely, so freely give too; come, annihilate in Me and be one with Me! I love you, My Vassula;

Jesus, I will do all what You wish.

(I find no words, because whatever I say it’s not enough.)

come then, I will restore My creation; us? we?


1 Atheism.