August 23, 1987

(Yesterday something very special happened! It was one of those busy days. It was washing day. So I had the machine working and the dryer, drying. As it was a beautiful hot day, my husband took our son to the pool. He left at 11.00 and said they’d be back at 3.00; so I should have lunch ready at 3.00. So I was left alone at home, working. It was ten to two, when I thought I’d better start lunch. So I lit the plate of the stove to melt butter and suddenly all the lights went off. The ‘main’ fuse blew out. All machines stopped. I checked in all parts of the house if any electricity worked, none worked. I looked to find a fuse to change the fuse, but my husband had moved them. The shops were closed, for it was Sunday, our car was out of order, and so I felt frustrated … I went, out of frustration, and laid in bed. After five minutes I heard some noise in the kitchen. I got up to see what was this noise and to my great surprise I saw the lights of the oven lit and the plate warming the butter. But the machines were not working and the rest of the house was without electricity still. I couldn’t understand, if the main fuse is out and everything was out, then…? I prepared the food and placed it in the oven to roast. At 3.00 my husband returned and I told him what had happened. So he re-checked all the electricity, which was still out except for the stove, which was working. He checked the main fuse and he saw that it had blown out. By then the food was ready. While checking the main fuse we saw that the meter was rolling. The minute I said: “The food is ready,” the meter stopped rolling, although the oven was still lit. I went in and switched off the stove. My husband changed the fuse with a new one and again all the electricity worked as normal. He too could not explain this.)

August is our feast! We do not want our celebration spoiled;

Do You mean that… 1

I mean that I will not see you grieve during our feast; Vassula, you are My flower, do you know what flower stands for? flower symbolises frailty; that is why I take good care of you lest your frailty harms you;

Thank You, My God. I know You are very near me and I love You.

(I’m feeling embarrassed, for I deserve nothing. Yesterday in the evening while in my son’s room I was covered with incense. The odour was just at one particular spot. I felt happy!)

My God?

I am; I love you, do not doubt! alone you are not; I, Jesus, I, Jesus, am with you, flower; I have always loved you to distraction; propound your fragrance like you were taught to; embellish My garden, delight Me, come; you see, Vassula, you start to understand Me; now I have justly withdrawn you from everybody, beloved, you were not quite aware of what I was doing to you; have you not felt My arm over your shoulders pulling you away from everyone, while whispering in your ear My Heart’s desires? now that you have lifted your head, you suddenly realise that you have no one around you but Me; how I love you! I feel so happy! adapt yourself to be alone with just Me; yes, just us two, Me and you, you and Me;

ah Vassula! face Me now; face Me your God, Vassula; from now on it will be I and I alone; I am your God, I am your Holy Companion, I am your Saviour, I am your Bridegroom; I will provide you with all you need; beloved, you need help? I will rush to you; courage? and I will give you My Strength; consolation? fall in My Arms, abide in My Heart; praise Me Vassula! praise Me daughter! come and glorify Me! glorify Me, fall prostrate in front of My feet! worship Me! be Mine, ah Vassula, love Me as I love you! bless Me like I bless you, cover Me with your fragrance like I cover you with Mine; I stand before you, I, your Saviour! worship Me, feel My Heart this time and this hour; night is soon to come, will you not replenish your lamp from Me? never wait till the day is over; let Me fill up your lamp;

come and draw from Me; let Me be alone with you; live for Me, I delight in our solitude! I love you to jealousy! My Love is such that I withdrew you from everyone; would you try and understand Me? I longed to be alone with you; Love is enflamed and when Love is ablaze, I allow Myself to do what pleases Me; now you are Mine and I desire you to imbue Me with wreaths of Love, infatuate Me with your childish words; leave Me free to Love you as I please now; have you not yourself given Me the liberty of using you as I wish?

Yes Lord, I have.

I will then use that liberty; My finger will just touch your heart and when it does, you will reserve nothing from Me; it is our August after all, I will always remind you that we are celebrating;

1 Jesus did not let me finish.