August 16, 1987

My God, I love You!

Vassula, you are becoming to My eyes; listen and write; today’s Abel shall live; just depend on your God, Abel will live! Abel will live this time; beloved, the world in its weakness is filled with Cains; would I bear forever to watch My Abels condemned and killed by Cains? how many more should perish before My eyes? no, Vassula, I have wounds that are re-opened; this is a breed of Cains; beloved, every time an Abel rose, a Cain repeated his crime without the slightest hesitation; you see, little one?

(God seemed sad telling me this and I became sad too.)

What is the reason for this?

it is because the Abels are My seed, they come from Me;

And the Cains?

the Cains? they belong to the world; they come from men; this time I will step between Cain and My Abel; I will extirpate everything coming from Cain; I will cast away from Cain’s hand his weapon, leaving him naked; he shall have to face Abel unarmed; Vassula, I will clarify to you all this, face Me and when you do watch My lips and you will understand; would you still work for me?

Yes, My God, if You allow me? Jesus?

I am Jesus Christ, beloved Son of God and Saviour;

we, us?

Yes, Lord.

(I’m happy and He is smiling!)

come then, we will work together;