July 24, 1987

(There I come and kneel at my table and Jesus is opposite me, sitting on the sofa. I look at Him expectantly for His words to come.)

beloved, augment your love to Me thus healing souls; love Me and free them; now you have guided five souls back to Me, satisfy Me by giving Me souls; I want to redeem all those wretched souls who are near Satan’s doors, I love you all so much!

(Later on:)

agapa Mé, 1


I am, tell Sirka Lisa to love Me more; why does she not come to Me, I am her Counsellor; I am He who watches over you, I am your Consoler; does she know what an abyss of Love My Heart is? I love her, Vassula; I shall wait for her, I shall keep calling her, “respond soul! respond to My cry, invoke Me in your prayers, talk to this Heart which loves you; I will be waiting;”

(Jesus gave a message above for a friend of mine.)

1 Greek: Love Me.