July 22, 1987

Vassula can you see all these souls? all are waiting in line;

(I saw Jesus with a group of souls behind Him.)


I am; yes, they were souls!

(Immediately after I saw those souls another image appeared to me: an image of many years back. I must have been 17-18 yrs old. I used to see often in e.g. the sitting room where I would be, on the floor, sitting, many souls who were hushing each other to keep still, and just be there around me. Like as if they would come to listen to a speech. At the time I was wondering why I saw these dead people as I used to call them, but paid no more attention to them since they never bothered me and sooner or later I was quickly distracted by other things around me. It was very often and rather common, but I paid not much attention to all this.)

yes, Vassula, they were waiting!

Waiting for what, Lord?

they were waiting for you to grow;

Did they know?

yes, they knew; I have waited for you to love Me and amend, loving Me fervently repairs and so those souls in Purgatory are healed, 1 snatched from the purifying fires and can finally come to Me;

Vassula, do you know how much they suffer while in Purgatory? their desire to see Me but being unable to? how much they depend on you! ah Vassula, will you help them?

Yes Lord, I would love to see them with You finally!

have my Peace, I the Lord will show you how you will help them; seek Me always; sacrifice and never complain; I will help you to indulge My desires; beloved, love Me for your love cures them,

Jesus will You let me know if they are back with You?

I will;

Jesus, what about the ‘Jehovah’s Witnesses’?

let them give you all they want, receive them with Me; you will understand why I have sent them to you; lean on Me, beloved;

Jesus will I not meet any of Your own World?

let Me tell you at once; I will take and place you among My own; daughter, had you merited any of My graces, I would have shown you how Love leads, without having had to face difficulties and having all “doors” 2 open;


meaning that you had not merited at all these graces I have given you, and it is out of My Infinite Goodness that I have looked upon your misery; from now on desire Me more than ever; you will earn every single grace, by giving Me acts of love; every act of Love will restore all what you have destroyed;

What had I destroyed, my God?

all good things given by Me and having them turned into evil; honour Me, I love you;

Lord, will You help me do these good acts?

I will; remember, all I gave will have to be given freely too; I want My altar pure;

(Later on:)

(God showed me that I never merited any of His graces. So now I come back to Him rather timidly, begging.)


I am;

Allow me to be in Your Light?

be in My Light and stay;

Allow3 me to lean on You?

I allow you always;

Allow me to hold Your Hand and be near You?

come in your Father’s arms;

Allow me to talk to You!

be One with Me, face Me, be My reflection and let Me speak for you;

Allow me to be consoled by You?

little one, I will be your Consoler; come, feel Me, synchronise with Me; be One, annihilate in Me; let Me possess you entirely and reign over you; let Me thrust you in My Heart, approach; be in Me and I in you, how I love you, daughter!

(I felt God pleased.)

I love You, Lord.

(I felt His love covering me entirely.)

be with Me now; stay, 4 refuse Me nothing, Vassula; I cry out loudly, My cry resounds and shakes the entire heavens; My cry should have been heard by My souls who love Me; they must have heard Me, tell them that they have not imagined it; it is I, Jesus, Beloved Son of God; I want them to unite and to propound unity, peace and love; I want them to be like an army of salvation, repairing all what has been destroyed and distorted; My cry is coming from the very depths of My Wounded Soul; bless Me, daughter;

I bless You, My God. May Your wishes come true.

stay faithful to Me, integrate into My Body, hold on to Me;

1 That is: purified.

2 “Doors”: meaning Satan and his adepts are allowed to infiltrate and write his insults or give me the wrong word. God has taught me though because of this how to recognise the demons: Satan can never leave a soul in tranquillity by his presence – it’s a give-away.

3 The word “allow”, to ask was taught to me by Him, because He as God and Sovereign always asks me His creature, in this way: “allow Me to so and so …”

4 I was preparing to get up and go.