July 25, 1987

I am your Heavenly Father who loves you; call no one else Father but Me who am your Creator; learn from Me; Vassula have I not said that I am still among you; I am Love, bring forth to Love My flock that I may redeem it; reduce paganism, 1 induce Love; help My children by giving them the same food I have given you;

I will do Your wishes with Your help. Be the Light to guide me.

(Later on:)

(The thought of Jehovah’s Witnesses who are going to come puts me in discomfort. What to tell them?)


(Jesus made a sign with His hand indicating this copy book.)

love them,


do what I ask you to do, love them, all are My children;

But I’m afraid that they’ll advise me wrongly. They seem to want to say that they are the only ones in the whole world that carry the right religion and that all the rest, like Catholics, Protestants, Moslems, Hebrews etc are 100% wrong! and that by their beliefs one can reach Heaven.

(Jesus seemed inflexible.)

beloved, love them,

All right. But what if they start misguiding me?

would I stand still if I hear them misguide you?


daughter do not fear, I will guide you;

I am happy to be with You, my God …

why? 2

Because I love You. Because You are my happiness, my joy and smile. You are my happy life; that’s why.

fill Me with joy, Vassula; love Me, Vassula; trench into deeper depths of my Heart and let all My Love utterly consume you in nothing else but a Living Flame of Love’s Love! beloved, rest in Me and let Me rest in you; be My heaven;

1 Atheism.
2 Jesus seemed eager to hear the reasons. He enjoys it!