February 6, 2021

Vassula! I rejoice every time your thoughts are turned towards Me; am I known not to keep My Word? beside you I shall always be; I will always protect you, rescue you, spare you and save you; hear Me, give Me your time, beloved, and I will grant you several triumphs in your apostolic call! do not wait for human approval, because this means nothing to Me, I am sending you in My Name as a witness to testify of My great Love I have for all of you, so anyone who has ears to hear let them hear;

all that you have learned from the beginning comes from Me, your Lord and God; everything that I foretold you came true; I had asked you to prophesy in My Name, prophesying in My Name is to be prophesying the Truth; everything that I had asked you to write and foretell future events have come true, I am not just any visitor off the cuff, I come from the Highest Heaven to guide this generation’s steps, in the Truth, I have asked you to take a major undertaking , I who am the keeper of My Commandments have listed you after forming you as an apostle for these End of Times to express My Words in vivid form through My pure Light; I arrayed you with My Light and I formed you to my liking; amongst many people have I chosen you to write this Hymn of Love that would fall like morning dew from the House of Yahweh, like raindrops on this parched dry land, recalling the same Truth to you all even though some of you already know it, because among you many still do not know it; so let Me tell you again; you have confirmation now that what I said in the past has come true; you see daughter, no one can speak of future events if these do not come from Me; the future is Mine and Mine alone;

your race is not over yet, Vassula, so do not let go of My Hand from yours, let your objective in life be Me and Me alone; your Mighty King is by your side; ic