August 16, 2019

daughter of My choice, I give you My Peace; do not be troubled by these small souls;1 pray for them; I am reminding you that anybody who has committed himself to follow Me and tries to live in devotion to Me is bound to be attacked! if these small souls do not wish to listen they will never learn; be patient in prayer, steadfast and willing to continue learning from Wisdom; beware of gossip; beware of these who condemn and judge the Pope, they are chatterers who congratulate themselves and each other while speaking against the Pope; trapped in their own reflections, they are carried away, misbehaving; My Church will always uphold the truth and will always keep it safe… so anyone who condemns the Vicar of My Church cannot be My disciple; humility is missing from them!

your task, My Vassula, is to console My people telling them of the wonderous Work2 I prepared  for this apostatized generation…  My Message speaks to their heart, it is a light in their path, it is Wisdom entering in their heart and the Knowledge of God becomes a delight in their life!  My New Song3written and sung by your Maker and King, confers victory upon My creation; those who rejoice in tasting My New Song will acclaim Me with panegyrics on their lips, praising My Name; and they will learn that My Merciful Works contain Sovereignty, Eternal Sovereignty that lasts from age to age; may your sons, generation, be like heavenly seeds that grow in a fertile soil and that your daughters be like caryatids’ at the four corners of My Church, set to hold it upright with majesty and with dignity;

quiet now and hear Me: the gift that has been given to you is given by the Spirit, to bear all the trials and hardships for My Sake, to call  for holiness and to be one of the pillars, one of the caryatids4 supporting My Church, to be My bearer to witness with power to many nations; My closeness to you keeps you vivid and courageous to face all those who oppose you and persecute you because you are rightfully not wavering under their threats nor subduing to them; as I go before you, I am your Shield, protecting you from their venomous arrows; 

in the past, I had not hidden from you that, following Me, men will rise who will become as hunters after their game; you will become their target, their game; I had said that you will be exposed in this troubled world as a beacon on a hill, but you, you as a dove will soar on My Wings, above them, unscathed… and you will be watching the world painfully, seeing with sorrow and bitterness their so evil actions; I needed a contrite heart, a willing soul to be My sacrifice and My target; I had said then that I would have you exposed to these, who like hunters would draw out their weapons and would pursue you, rating you at a high cost for whosoever would be the first to destroy you together with My Message! in vain! I tell you, in vain! 5 in vain are their threats together with all their weapons, they are all in vain!  the daylight in their eyes already is fading away and the shadow of Death is at their door, closing upon them; there is nothing left in them, one after the other will pass in the Valley of Death and they will come to the end that they deserve… 

so do not forget that bearing the Seal of My Holy Name all over you is bearing My Spirit who rests on you; so even though you are being slandered by small souls, go on in doing good, for living a true life in Me, in the end your accusers will be proven wrong… be patient, never doubt of My Love…   ic

1 argumentative voices on the messages, but the Lord rescues me from every one of them…
2 the TLIG messages
3 the TLIG messages
4 caryatid symbolism: girls from Karyæ Greece, were considered especially beautiful, tall, strong, and capable of giving birth to strong children.
5 Jesus was almost shouting here…