September 30, 2019

may My Peace given to you reign upon you and upon each one who calls on My Name…

daughter, keep alive in yourself all that you were taught, this is what I had instructed you from the beginning… the Holy Spirit, Giver of Life, distributes His gifts on each one of you and each one has been given his own share of grace; some of you remained in His grace, others with time estranged themselves from Me, from a life in God and have gone far apart from Me; when they encounter My Cross they get terrified from It; have I not taught you that My Cross and I are linked together and inseparable ?

today these souls are dead, but I am too sensitive, too compassionate to let them live in sin until they meet with Death and be judged; My Love compels Me to find different means to reach them all, for all of them are meant to live and share My Glory; My Father and I love you all with so much love, yes, to distraction! a Love that cannot keep Us away from you, a Love that binds us together; because of My Love I became Flesh to live among you and remain among you1 ; because of the greatness of My Love, willingly I suffered My Passion in order to free My creation and redeem all of you;

so today I ask you, daughter, to be radiant and happy! shine from within and from without; ‘δόξασε με κάθε στιγμή, κάθε λεπτό, κάθε ώρα, σε όλα, και σε όλες τις περιπτώσεις… 2

bless Me for all and for everything… follow My steps, be entirely one with Me; welcome Me always in your life and let Me be part of your life; be My Hand, be My Foot, be My entire Body! you will ask Me, ‘how? what do You mean? and how could it be that you, the wretched one, the speck of dust, the puny little creature could be My Hand, My Foot and My Body?’ why, have you forgotten that in having given Me your will, your entire will, having thus died to yourself, that nothing more remains3 of you? if you, who are the least and wretched have been given so much, how much more would I not give to the rest of you who always loved Me? if you want to reach deification, I, God, who am indivisible in My Divinity, ask you to offer Me your will and die to yourself so that nothing is left of you; nothing! then with majesty and power I will rise you to be part of Me; I will englobe you and envelope you entirely so that all of you will be part of Me; I will render you perfect so that all what was sullied with sin, will be beautiful and radiant in My Light and in your transfiguration, divine and totally glorious; this is the way you will enter Heaven;

I Am the Door to Heaven;

do not remain inert and rationalistic, for these turn you into a pragmatic being4, and into a spiritual blindness that bring Death preventing you to understand My Language;

I tell you, if you are still buried in your darkness and in yourself, what hope have you left in you? do not remain inert like a dead body, a corpse, deprived from what I am offering you! seek to be detached from all that keeps you away from Me, break this barrier of reluctance, of rationalism, rejoice and cast away this gloom and fear of Me!

have you ever heard of unlimited Love? a Love that radiates and reigns from the center of the Universe expanding from there into the rest of all the Universe? My Love transcends all essence; I am above all essence, I am a Luminous Revelation in the entire Cosmos and in every heart that enables you to reach the very heights of contemplation; My Love embodies your soul, your mind, your intellect and It penetrates your heart like morning dew dripping from heaven; each sparkling drop of dew becomes a healing remedy for each of your deficiencies of body and soul; immersed in My Light, your body and soul then will acquire impassibility and into divinity; finally, I, who am the Bridegroom of My creation, as I had thoroughly explained it to you in the past5, I will step into your heart once you would allow Me, and you, without the slightest hesitation would be entirely willing to intertwine in My fiery embrace knowing that falling in the fiery embrace of Me, your God, would put you aflame; you will be englobed in Fire, a Fire that will bring you to Life, that is Me; and while you will be entering Life, your whole being will be dazzling white, shining, enlightened with glittering veils of Light and Sapphires, and all your members will be fading within Me, becoming even more beautiful while at this moment of transfiguration I will be anointing you, pouring myrrh off My Fingers on to your head all the way to your feet;

you will find yourself outside of your surrounding and beyond the masses, beyond the noise, beyond everything that man constructed, beyond everything human and corporal and you will finally see Me… at that ineffable instant, still inebriated upon seeing Me, while your whole being will be trembling, you will dare lift your eyes to gaze in My Eyes, those Eyes that fashioned you, those Eyes that wept for you when you had strayed away from Me, those Eyes that had pitied you in your misery, those Eyes that never left you from their Sight and that followed you to bring you back to the Beloved, and to the One to whom you always belonged, you will be grasping the Infinite Love I have for you, miserable little creature! those Eyes that are Oceans of Love… trembling with emotion, realizing the depths of My Love, your heart will be wounded, a scar that will never heal, in discovering the Beauty of your God; in discovering His Splendour, His Formidable Allure; you would be gazing at the One and only God, glittering in His Glorious Light, you would be discovering the Life Giver, the Lord of lords who shed His Own Blood for you to redeem you and save you to share His Glory…your Bridegroom, your Beloved will keep drawing you closer to Him with golden strings so that you will never be separated again from Him; we shall become One; your soul will be united to Me and I, God, will be united with you;

soul! having desired Me, having been thirsting for Me, daughter of Mine, have led you in your contemplation to Me into a betrothal marriage, into a mystical wedding; into Divine Love … and the deep night has already faded away from your soul, carnal pleasures are only of the past and remain in the past and looked upon like dust and ashes, for now in front of you is standing Visible Glory, beyond comparison, fairer than the moon, brighter than the sun;

I had from the day you were born, pursued you with a burning desire to make you Mine in a Divine Union, leading you into a nuptial mystical union, to shroud you with the radiant matrimonial veils of immortality as I then had visited you6 as a Bridegroom to wed you and become My Bride… and you, had you then realized fully Who was with you leaning on you, you would have rejoiced;

I then led you, if you remember well, into My Mother’s chamber, into the room in which She would perfect you; now, I have finally stepped inside your life and enlivened a desire in your arduous path to reach Me and remain My faithful Bride; this time at any cost from your side ; having discovered My incomparable Beauty, having realized that our Divine Union will bring about impassibility that draws souls away from the world, your soul will observe My precepts, your lips will be proclaiming praises to Me, after I returned to awaken you from your deep sleep and having then seen My incomparable Beauty, you will leave the world behind, turning away from it to be sated instead in My embrace with Divine Tenderness;

O what would I not do for every soul!

I fully rejoice being with You! You have condescended to let me step into Your embrace in which I find englobed myself in Tender Love, Security, feeling that I am Home and that we are kin, feelings as though I always knew You, feelings of intimacy, and that You were always there!

do not be struck with awe!

I am not only struck with awe but I run short of words to describe my feelings… it is impossible to express myself and what I really want to say…

I need not words to know you and know what is written in your heart, I read your heart and that suffices!

If I may be bold now, I would like to say to You this: I wish to contemplate more of Your Holy Face, I want to see You face to face…

you will one day…but blessed are the ones who have seen Me as a simple Light in their darkness, yet even more blessed are those who have not seen Me yet believed in Me; blessed are those who have been invited to wear Me as their wedding garment, they shall see the Light; and blessed are those who perpetually and untiringly followed My Cross and embraced It, they shall be lifted into Paradise and live in the Light;

My Divine Light unites with every soul, every being, even though some mascaraed themselves in the dark to resemble Me, My Light is much stronger than them and so it pierces through the darkest corner, the darkest hole to shine on them and heal them… the one who is visited by Wisdom is enlightened to have understood My Will and My sayings of now; his mind, his thoughts, his behavior, his endeavor to reach Me and his acts would glorify Me; they will understand that without My revelation in their heart, given by Me, wisdom from philosophers is unable and insufficient to attain Wisdom that comes from on high, from Me;

remain as a child, Vassula, and small because that is what keeps you hidden in My Sacred Heart; Love loves you! ic

1 In the Eucharist
2 I heard Jesus speak to me in Greek saying: praise Me in every moment, every minute, every hour, in everything, and in all circumstances
3 I also simultaneously heard: that nothing more is left of you
4 I also heard: ‘reasoning’ at the same time
5 In the themes of the: Odes of the Holy Trinity and Canticle of the Bridegroom
6 When I was around 10 years of age, the Lord gave me a dream of Him being my Bridegroom and saw myself next to Him being wedded, while people were rejoicing while we walked waving long palms on our path. Then he led me in a chamber where His Mother was waiting for me with great joy in Her. She received me and was fixing my wedding dress and arranging my hair for Her Son…