May 16, 2019

Vassula, I invite you to be with Me in this form of encounter, invited in My Courts; hear Me; all of these years I have not been speaking in riddles or in secret; I have been speaking openly for the sake of your so impoverished minds; My purpose was to fill your sight with the Radiant Light and to fill your mind and heart with the wealth of My Kingdom; I have called all of you to unite, to repent and to reconcile; My Words expressed to My Church are set firm and are unchangeable;

however, to this day My Calls have not been taken seriously but rather they have been disputed with no contrition nor fear; generation!  you have been provoking fearlessly My Command; ignoring ceaselessly My Prayer to the Father1;  I pour out My supplications, unfolding My instructions, showing the path to unity, but to this day My Calls have fallen on deaf ears;

Vassiliki, I have sent you to many nations and My Holy Spirit led you to gather My Churches that are dispersed to assemble2 under My Holy Name and be One in Us; you have carried out My Will; in your frailty I can accomplish great works; never rely on yourself, rely on Me, your God;  you are My loud Book in whom I have entrusted My Work to send out in public to announce that: “the House of our Lord should meet and be one!”; many of My shepherds are rebelling against My House, rebelling against My House is the same as to rebel against Me;

daughter, I had given you in the past a vision of My Churches and in what state they are in; today they are still rigid as iron bars!  sincerity and love are missing; instead of approaching one another, they made a bigger gulf between them in their ostentatious pride; their thirst for power, their unbending heart have made My Heart to distant Itself from them; I am listening…

Lord! how can one bring the people of the Churches to listen and execute Your desire to unity?

all I need is love, love from every human being, love from all those who learned to love Me; love will be shed as a glorious shimmering light of pearls in the darkest part of your era, penetrating in the hearts of man; then the whole earth will be at rest and evil will recede, giving way to the Truth; if everyone lived by the Truth and in Love, they would grow in Me in My munificence perfecting themselves in Me; My Body which is the Church will be healed; this is why love will be the remedy to all;

but who of these, that You want them to hear You, are listening to You?

daughter, do not fret, I have My Ways; all who trust and rely on their strength shall withdraw in shame; I had revealed to you long ago what is to come on those who hold the keys to unity and do not use them; I will smash the iron bars and rebuild them into one;  those who opposed Me will be confounded, since they never heeded My warnings they will come crashing down, irretrievably shattered; hope and trust are missing; even My ambassadors that I have been sending to this generation, and the prophets, who prophecy, are treated with cruelty, they are being treated as myth tellers, as talebearers, instead of welcoming them with fragrant oil and sweetness, they are either ignored or asked to abstain from declaring My Words, rejecting My warnings;

I am appalled as well as My Angels to see how this generation is dead to My all-powerful means of reaching you; the joy and gladness in My House has vanished; they have forgotten My Image of goodness; they have forgotten their Bridegroom outside the door of their heart; they have forgotten that I am the Eternal Light who pervades and permeates all things; My people, My heritage, if you only would have a moment of regret, a moment to repent and turn to Me, I would pull away your blindness to see how in your days My Holy Spirit, pure emanation of Our glory, is being poured out on all mankind, before that great and terrible day, before My Return;

daughter, be dedicated to Me, your God; I put to you the duty of doing all that I have been dictating to you, and remember to draw strength from Me; make it your life’s work, grasping all My teachings, transmitting them with a gentle spirit; all that you have learnt and all that has been made known to you comes from Me; Love is by your side and loves you;   ic

My child, be blessed; I, God, Yahweh, am with you, reflect on this; it pleases Me when you do so!

daughter! yes, you are My beloved daughter…

1 Jn 17:1
2 In our pilgrimages