April 10, 2019

My Vassula, be in disposition to write let Me tell you; when your life is shared with Me, immortality will be yours! do not fear, be glad! let your spirit rise and allow yourself to be in My possession, My dear soul! entreating Me with Love infatuates Me profoundly…

Lord, inwardly I am broken, because the more You are near me and with me, all the more I want You to be closer to me;

Your friendship inebriates me, You, by using one Word, have made me new again!

ah Vassula! consider this Heart of your God, consider this Heart of Purity, Mercy, and Love; if you only knew how in the past I was going in all directions seeking by what means I could draw your attention and make you Mine again to show you the Truth, and bring back to your memory to whom you belonged and belong; I was pursuing you so that you may no more wander like a vagabond; then My Spirit caught up with you, and filled your spirit with His munificence, showering upon you His grace, like glitter, in His Light;

My Father granted you Wisdom but you had to acquire Wisdom with My help… hear Me, fulfill your vows to Me, sprout lilies with your love for Me, embellish this earth, this godless earth, be My heaven!

come to Me poor wretches who walk in the valley of death, come to Me and I shall renew you so that you may find true peace and that you may set Me like a seal on your heart; the Beast is after you filling you with his lies, hounding you in the silence of the night so as not to be revealed; like a dark shadow roaming in the obscurity he sets pit falls for you; his mouth is filled with obscenities, and with all the wrongs he has done to you, generation, and are you still not aware of his evil intentions… and his wickedness? how many more warnings am I to display?

days of ordeal lie ahead of you; a fire1 unlit by man will devour nations and consume what man constructed; nature will take its stand against you and floods shall sweep away multitudes; gone from your faces will be the sneer you had whenever you heard of My Holy Name being pronounced; then all that was hidden in dark corners will be revealed; veils of gloom are stored for you, unfaithful generation;

I turn to the West then to the East and I see My House swerving, because many have abandoned to look for the Light; many move as they please with wrong decisions that lame My Body; they have, in many ways, cut Me off from their life; My Rules and My Teachings are crushed beneath the rubble of My House, thrusting My Works behind them;

your flesh is decaying, generation, and your soul is as a parched land, waterless; I need to hear a cry of repentance; was My Sacrifice done in vain? every creature that My Father created never lasts more than a wild flower and with a gust of wind he perishes, but his soul lasts for eternity…and forever; I am the Guardian of your life; I guard you, shade you and protect you; I have given My Life for you so that you may live, what more could I have done that I have not done? rise then, now! and repent! admitting your deeds of horror2; era of wickedness, turn back from your evil ways, amend your conduct and actions and I will hear you and forgive you; do not forget that I have given My Life for you; flee from sin as from a snake;

in these last days I am using the winds as messengers sending them out in the desert, like nomads, to build up My Body3 , embellish it and unite it;

work, My Vassula, with all your heart assembling My people; do not let anyone deceive you with foolish arguments but work hard and willingly only for My Sake and no one else’s to establish My Kingdom in every heart, teaching them to pray unceasingly for My House and for its shepherds to become loyal to Me and that this veil of lethargy and indifference that covers them, be removed; pray all the time and in every possible occasion to the Holy Spirit; love Virtue to be able to recite My deeds, and remind everyone that the Radiant Light is speaking to them today; be confident, daughter, and I will give you even more than you ask; Love loves you; be blessed… ic

1 on 23rd May, 2018 I had clearly heard a voice saying in French: “bientôt une explosion atmosphérique aura lieu…” – in English: “soon an atmospheric explosion will take place…”

2 in God’s Eyes any sin, even small sins that in our eyes we think they are insignificant, they are a horror in God’s Eyes, and He sees them ever so big!

3 Church