December 29, 2018

ah, Vassula! little do you know of the graces I have bestowed on you to enable you to hear Me and be in My Presence…My transcendency surpasses every mind and has no end; you see without Me you can do nothing… apostle, I have raised you to be… and to be in communion with Me delights Me enormously; I have said together with My Father’s Heart1 that I will be your Guardian, and you to be the Sign of My Love; the Love I have for all humanity; My forbearance has been long on all of this generation and My Father’s Eyes2 dissolve in torrents of tears at the ruin Our creatures are heading to;

Father! people do not want to change, or even talk about You!

yes, and among those I called, very few listened;

It’s a struggle and instead of some improvement I see higher and more unpleasant upheavals and cruelty and rebellion and deafness in our world…

not for long, Vassula, not for long… maintain your faithfulness to Me; be like a Spartan but bloom like a lily; be gentle in appearance yet determined and like a plough preparing the ground in which My seeds will be sown; I, Yahweh, your Father, will continue to speak through you; praise My Name glorifying It and do not allow the evil one to rob you from the Peace I have bestowed on you, My child!



1 and
2 the Father is speaking…