August 21, 2018

Lord, our hearts are stirred by Your Mercy and
Your Compassion for having looked
from above on our wretchedness,

You did not strike us with Your Sceptre,
the Sceptre of Your Kingship, a Sceptre of Justice,
but spared us, by sending us
Your Theme of Love and Friendship;
a Poem of Love and Mercy;

You have entrusted me with this Poem,
to shame the wise, by turning me into Your scribe,
to pen down Your Poem,
the Odes of our Times;

many have forgotten You, my God,
and yet, Your Heart was always with us,
never turning away Your Face,
instead, in Your gracefulness and gentleness
You leaned from above, opening Your Lips,
and as dew Your Words were spoken,
anointing Your children…

daughter, I said: I will descend to them in this way to court them knowing that I will win their heart; from their abusive language My grace will enhance upon them to turn their spite into rivers of love; I shall perform astounding deeds, showing My saving help; My Voice will be heard even by the coarsest of people, My Light shall be sent out to the remotest of nations to a people who had never known Me or heard of Me; My Words will be music in their ears, and they will delight because of My Saving Justice;

Lord, Your Grace has knitted us together with You;
for we have witnessed so many marvels
through Your Hand,

I love when you fence me in Your Arms,
I feel secure and home in the House of Yahweh,
and when I am wrapped up in Your Embrace,
and even though I pass by the terrors of the night,
they do not affect me,
for secured in Your Arms my soul reposes…

faithful I Am with the faithful; I shall always support you and guard you! I shall never allow your feet to stray away from the path I have set for you; I am your Lord robed with Uprightness; the joy of your heart, see? all the heavens declare My Glory! clothed in majesty and glory, wrapped in a robe of Light I Am;

have you not noticed how the Spirit moved you from the dawn of My approach to you? do you remember when you called out to My Father, ‘dad’?

I do remember clearly that extraordinary moment of Light!

no human could have revealed to you this truth to utter with joy this word were it not revealed to you by the Holy Spirit sending demons away; My Father and I rejoiced, for then We knew that We would be able to plant Our Words in your heart; Words of Wisdom, Words sweeter than honey;

you would learn from Us virtue and righteousness, and We would start establishing order in your life extending it to many others; I would then become your Holy Companion never leaving your side! royal and sacred writing will be forming and guiding your hand, although We knew that these1 would be hounded with frenzy by poor small souls;2 their false judgment would be recoiling hot coals on their head; jewel of My Heart, you have heaped jewels in My Hands every time you uttered the word ‘dad’ to your Father in Heaven!

God is our Father in Heaven,
Abba, or Dad is our Rock;
any soul who comes to Him with trust,
will feel secure and at Home;
always rest in God alone,

may my thoughts and words
find favour in Your Presence Lord!

remind them too that My Paths are love and truth for anyone who keeps My Words and Law; remain loyal to Me, daughter, revealing Me to the nations and do not pay attention on boastful tongues that scrutinize you day and night, leave these to Me; My Father and I bless you; Love loves you ic

1 the form of writing

2 narrow minded