June 18, 2018


I Am; have your heart fixed on Me, I shall never desert you in this exile; let your soul continue to receive My noble instructions to increase your knowledge of My Will;

together, My dove, we will work; works that will glorify My Name; I will fill you with My Holy Spirit like an olive tree loaded with its fruit; My Father has chosen you before you were born; He pronounced your name before you saw the light; and from the womb He exalted your days with infatuation; today We set you in Our Path; love Me and My Father, make up for those who do not love us! make up for the apostates and perverted hearts! acclaim to this generation Our Holiness, Our Sweetness and Tenderness, let your voice thunder on the deafness of this world, for soon I shall come to judge the world with a raging storm; I shall purify this world and clean their vices;

not many are aware of their faults, not many are aware they are transgressors; perfidious generation! you have banished Us 1 from your life; champions in villainy, for how long will you still keep running away from Us? in your disgrace you cannot tell your left hand from your right and you claim you see, you claim this earth as yours! do you know which word is your destruction? when you claim with haughtiness “there is no God!” it is I who have planted you on the soil you are walking on; but with a single word I can also uproot you and thrust you away… and I can seal Heaven’s Gates forever on you; repent! and you will be forgiven so that you may one day shout with joy: “God is great!”

the masons toil to destroy your walls of faith and what little remains in you, generation; they flood you with empty promises sowing dissension among brothers; their heinous crimes will be held against them; I am listening;

Lord, You who favoured me in such a majestic manner, take away their guilt, for You are a God of pity and none other can be compared to Your Goodness and Your Forgiveness;

You are the Lord of all, and no one will be able to resist You! yes, many have placed Your Glory below their glory, but Your Strength prevails over all, today many walk in the valley of Death, yet, were they given an opportunity to taste one time the sweetness in Your Courts, they will no doubt glorify Your Name!

all I need to hear is a loyal cry of repentance! a willing heart searching the Truth! have I not approached so many of the non-believers? have I not then revealed to them that I Am who I Am? see? I had cut them 2 out for a while, but now in these days of Mercy, I am grafting them back again to the Vine;

all that exists comes from Me; just as I visited you and transfigured you, so will I visit those who do not yet invoke Me as their Saviour and God, and save them; therefore, they too will enjoy My Love and My Mercy!

in the end, Vassula, every knee will bend before Me, and every tongue shall praise Me as their God and Holy One…remain faithful to Me your God; and keep looking after My Affairs as you do, My child;

and leave yourself free for prayers; My Spirit rejoices when I hear your prayers… Love loves you; ic

1 The Holy Trinity
2 Others than Christians