May 31, 2018

My pupil, peace to you; I give you My Peace; do you know what I have given you? I have given in your hands Fire; My Fire! this Fire exceeds understanding, as it wraps around anyone who approaches this Fire putting him ablaze and of need to repent; oh yes! I had come then to bring Fire to the earth and now I descend in your times to put aflame this generation to enable it to repent! O how translucent they will be once they are caught in It and tossed around!

this is why all those who reject you, reject you out of fear; without even understanding their motive to reject you, their spirit senses that you are carrying in your hands something different, incomprehensible, and they cannot identify It either; then why have they been blinded? it is because they never knew the fragrance of one who is purified by this Fire;

My Fire 1 that I have entrusted you to carry in your hands, in spite of your unworthiness, will reveal everyone’s soul and what it carries to lead them to repentance; It separates those who are meant for My Kingdom from those who will remain outside My Kingdom;

this Fire that makes some of you cringe at Its approach comes from the Holy Spirit and from the Word I have been giving you! no wonder then that those who reject you fear you; try to understand; My Fire manifests Itself through My given Word, but this generation and I would say, most of this generation, fails in its obscurity, to perceive what you are carrying, what I have entrusted you with and its meaning;

they are incapable also to read the Signs of your Times; they miss and fail to seize this opportunity I am giving them for repenting; therefore, it is the lowly who will benefit and allow this enraging immaterial Fire to enwrap them; I am inviting all those who recognize their wretchedness and their need of salvation to step forward; however, all those who remain indifferent to My invitation will not be at table with Me; their minds yields towards their limited knowledge, without any profit they will remain; many will seek My Kingdom too late;

therefore, know, Vassula, that you have not been toiling in vain, I have gained many who were at the gates of death;  I bless you to brighten once more your eyes! ic

1 The True Life in God Messages that bring people to repent and to God