December 11, 2017

My child, praise My Name Thrice Holy; do not pay attention on those who show you disdain and contempt! an evil temper destroys the person who has it; pay attention only on what pleases Me, for this is what brings Me honour;

I am known to show My Strength when My Sovereign Mercy is questioned; anything that pleases Me and is according to My Will and all actions to do good, will be given success 1 by Me; and those who were in need will cry out to Me:

“I waited and waited in my ordeal, for Yahweh’s Mercy, asking Him for help, and now at last, His Mercy stooped from the Heavens to me,

my God has heard my lament; O God, Yahweh, You have never ceased to do wonders; blessed be Yahweh, who ceaselessly performs wonders through the greatness of His Love He has for us…”

and I would then advise:

“be modest, remain modest of bearing and gentle of manners, and practice virtue;

be invested with nobility, never forgetting your Source; 2 lower your gaze for in such hearts I rejoice and can remain!”

Vassula, My child, cling on Me! nursed in My Celestial Courts, I have appointed you and non-other in My Call 3 as assayer of many nations and creeds, to be as a beacon with My Message, and attract all people to Me, that I may heal; it is to Me they must return, to Me…

happy the man who meditates on My Words and opens his heart to receive Me; trust Me Vassula, and remain in Me, your God and All;  I love all of you!


1 meaning: will be given answers to their plea

2 Source means: coming from God who is the Source of Life

3 True Life in God Messages