January 16, 2018

no one else has been given this Gift You have given me, O Lord, unique in its kind, allowing me to enjoy Your Own Celestial Courts, and raised in them, taught by Yahweh Himself, able to call on You my Lord, the Mighty One, any time and whenever I wished and get answers, all of this drives some people crazy;

by Your Word O Lord, Yahweh, You fed me and instructed me, with whispers in my ear, never giving the slightest fear of Your choice of losing the good reputation of Your Mighty Sceptre! designated in all prophecies of joy or of doom, You charged me to call out to the world to repent;

You have displayed Your Greatness and Authority on me from the earliest of Your calling,

the Lord has granted me His time, to guide me, declaring now and again, that He will always be my Spiritual Director and none other; ‘none other’ were his Own Words to me for counselling me – and with time He showed it; flashing His instructive rays on me, He guided me, instructed me, with His Own seeds He fed me…

and now, I hear from vast hordes thundering words, ‘where is her spiritual director? let him come forward now! has she none? is this possible? Everyone with such a gift should, must, have one! human pride will lower her eyes shortly in her downfall…’

hear Me, it is written that ‘Wisdom bring up her own sons,’ 1 and I have instructed you with Wisdom, so do not doubt; allow Me to draw you even further in My Plan, little one, and remember My Love I have for you!

pray and be near Me, never leave your desire and longing to be with Me; whether at home or abroad I am always with you by Grace; proclaim My Name everywhere you go; I want you to refute errors being done, however, let anyone who is willing to hear, listen to what My Spirit is saying through you;

I have chosen you to borne witness to My Messages and on everything I wrote and said; triumph will come to all those who followed diligently My Sayings; because the Time now is near;

once more I tell you, My beloved, do not be afraid, I Am your Spiritual Guide and Counsellor; be blessed! go and be full of joy!

I Am is with you ic

1 Si: 4: 11