November 29, 2017

My Vassula, My peace I give to you; allow Me to express My Word to you, devout servant, I, your Redeemer, have established My sayings in you, so that I show My glory in you; a soul, so despicable and so far from the Truth before I weaned you with My Word; now stand up and be bold to go to desolate places which are ravished by the evil one 1 and whose people are still walking in darkness; show My Mercy to them, My Faithfulness, show My Sweetness, restore in this way My House, and bring them back to Me! console My people;

listen, when I formed you, your race began, like an athlete whose determination is to win the race I had to hurl you out into the race, but I had girdled you with the Truth, to hurl you out among the wolves, remember?2 all of these years then that passed by, My Hand had never left your hand, lest a spirit snatches you away from Me, and like a lantern that shines when filled with oil, I kept replenishing you faithfully to keep your flame alive;

when at times you would lose heart,
Majestic Strength enflamed with Splendour
would be enveloping you with the scent of My Garment
in the face of your enemies
who lurk in the valley of oblivion and death,

while passing through scorching deserts your palate dryer than parchment, beside you, I Am, My Cup copiously on your lips;

when friends would be turning against you deserting you, grieving you, Tender Love would be Present yielding His perfume, consoling you with kisses on your forehead heartening My beloved’s heart,

anointing oil would run off My Hands, on your head on to your lips, dripping all over you, reminding you that I Am your ever Faithful Companion the Watchman of your heart;

when gates would be closing on you, to dishearten you, My Face, shining on you, will be conferring abundantly Blessings on you, reminding you that My Home is your home, the House of Yahweh,

hard as they would be harrying you at times, overcome you shall not be, My Gold Sceptre would sway and sweep these away,

My Wings, your secret refuge, Goodness and Kindness, your constant hope, Divine Love, your soul’s replenishment; for My anointed: I Am a Saving Fortress; is there anyone else who can give you such wealth? such a wealth of Grace and Virtue?

I am displaying the riches and splendor of My Kingdom and the Glory of My Majesty, I am displaying the Noble Theme of My Love, everything is subject to My Power, and My Authority;

so you who were allowed to be enjoying My Sweetness, tasting My Goodness, and allowing Me to be resting on you, be strong, and put your hope in Me every day of your life,

your Home is in Me and nowhere else …


1 In Syria where the war was still raging.
2 Years back, in the very beginning when my mission was about to start, and I was invited to go and give my first witnessing in Switzerland, I saw Jesus standing near me and while I looked up at Him, He said: ‘and now I am sending you out to the wolves…’ I understood immediately, how difficult my mission would be and how cruelly persecuted I would be by people who would without mercy harass me unjustly…