May 30, 2017

I Am; I, Jesus, bless you for your untiring efforts! be always cheerful and ready to share all that I have given you; use all that I have given you to teach My People to discover the Will of My Father; never allow yourself to be self-satisfied; do all you can to live in peace;

One thing I ask of You, one only thing I seek from You, to seek Your Holy Face and gaze upon it! To live with You, and have You permanently in my heart, enjoying day and night Your Sweetness! so do not hide Your Face from me!

Then, there are those who are blind to Your Works, to Your Message, to Your Sweetness; in the past, the prophets of old who were tasting persecution, used to ask You for help, asking You to repay their persecutors for their evil actions, for the evil they commit, asking You not to be deaf to their plea!

false witnesses are unceasingly rising up against me and Your Work; even a few of those who seem to follow Your Messages, object in some things I say, and oppose me, so what am I to do?

tell them that I, Jesus, did the planning of this Work and that I did the building; but above all I laid down the foundation; then I called you to become My herald entrusting you and not them with My Work, flesh and blood are unspiritual, and are limited; such limitations never could accept God’s law; 1

now in all truth, Vassula, have you ever felt your enemies’ sting? have I not given you space and spare? who has bloomed you again in front of your enemies? My paths are love and truth and remember, how I had promised to watch over your soul, to shelter you and rescue you; your protection is due to your innocence and due to your integrity;

I have set an Angel by your side to guard you and fill you with happiness and laughter, to keep your spirits high, so that you sing My Love Hymn to an undeserved population, 2 to fill your heart with a feeling like wine, that you may pour out to them a melodious speech; I said I will be your guide and adviser and I will watch over you always, so do not fear!

when you correct people, although you avoid using My Name, My Spirit who made His home in you allows Himself to reveal in you what is right and what is wrong; you become then the witness; My Spirit with your spirit intertwined in this way, witness; be patient with those then who oppose you, and put up with them as I put up with them who anger Me; oh yes, I put up with them for the sake of others to whom I want to show My Mercy; it is not easy My child but derive strength from Me; remember too that My grace upon you suffices…

I heard you say: ‘love is missing’; this is indeed the greatest bitterness I receive from My Church! when faults done by some people, that I bring in front of your eyes to reprimand them, reminding them that My Work is wholly spiritual and noble, irrelevant to any administrative work, utterly abhor Me and grieve My Spirit when they voice out with temper their disagreements, going off the straight course of peace and harmony; injuring their soul and discrediting their faith as well;

come! My Vassula, your zeal sometimes becomes a spur to those as well, those who are still unprepared to comprehend that I have sent you to them as a gift; many still, who have found Me, have within them worldly ambitions; to these I say: purify yourself and allow My Holy Spirit to renew you all over again; look forward to inherit Eternal Life! end your disputes and quibbles over My Work; follow My Calling but with Peace and Integrity, Joy and above all Love;

come, daughter, your race is not over; keep your hand in My Hand; I, who appointed you as an apostle of these End of Times, will lead you where I wish, while I will be overflowing you with My fragrance, consoling you while we walk and tread together, bearing the same sufferings as I bore; Love is by your side; love Me, and remember: ecclesia will revive! ic

1 I heard simultaneously the word ways as well
2 the Lord’s Voice suddenly was sad when He pronounced the word ‘undeserved’