July 26, 2017

The Lord is my strength,
my joy, my breath, my smile,
my conqueror, my salvation!

This is Who You are
and I extol You.
You who are the King
of the universe!

My Vassula! leave the crowds and come to Me! do not venture far from Me; My Presence speaks to you, little flower; the good seeds I have sown in you will glorify Me and My Father who delights in your poverty and uncertainty; We have appointed you to transmit Our Word as a Reminder but also as a last Warning; and why? because of the greatness of the Love we have for you all!

let this generation know that this is Our Work, you see, Vassula! I, God, will not abandon anyone; even if most of the world has become blind and are against Me, I tell you, this will be only for a short time, it will not last forever, no; My plea is to bring everyone to conversion and be saved!

I will banish godlessness with one mere glance at them; how have heroes fallen in the past? heroes that were stronger than lions? thousands will fall and be under My Rule and no one will be left to dispute My Precepts nor My Word; ; My Word has power and flares like a torch; It is able to bring down rain as It can bring down fire; My Word’s power can move mountains, and drag kingdoms down; It can turn deserts into lush gardens; it can produce miracles; It can destroy cities that have fallen away who live in perpetual sin; My Word performs wonders, restores hearts, raises corpses from death; melts mountains like wax, brings light where darkness prevailed; My Word is active and alive and yes, It cuts like a double-edged sword and yet more finely and as Scriptures tell you: 1 “It can slip through the place where the soul is divided from the spirit, or joints from the marrow; My Word can judge the secret emotions and thoughts, no created thing can hide from Him; everything is uncovered and open to the eyes of the one to whom we must give accounts of ourselves;”

this is all for today, Vassula; devote yourself to My Affairs, giving Me an undivided attention to Me, your Beloved! remain in My Love; all I ask from you in the end is that you return to Me this Love I have for you and allow Me to rest in you as I allow you to rest in Me… act in My Name without fear! Love loves you; ic

1 Hebrews 4: 12-13