February 12, 2016

My God, Father, King of kings,
until Your encounter I was lying half-dead,
until You appeared to me…
and before The Divine
I stood, uncomprehending, in awe!
I stood before the Creator,
just as a child clothed in dirty filthy rags standing in
front of Wonderland;

Bemused, You smiled at me,
You smiled although I was
still in infernal darkness;

I was confused and bewildered, especially
hearing you say;
“blessed are the pure in heart for
theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven;”

when suddenly You opened Your Lips to speak
again, a stream of Light as a ray shone out of Your Mouth,
brightening my soul, while Your Immortal Breath came upon me,
refreshing my memory – a miracle – for the more
I contemplated You, the more I recognized You and remembered You;

Who has put Wisdom freely in
the inward parts of my soul?

I have!

and who has given me understanding to my heart?

My child, I have… you were then born out of My heart; risen to become one of My apostles and a witness to bear witness to unity;

I genuinely do not consider myself worthy to be one; but withdraw not from me! in the past, my eyes still with scales of unrepentance, with death looming above my head, You sent me a great Seraphim, who flew over to reach me, not to embrace me, but to purge my sins out of my system; and wash away my filthy rags; this was, Father, the beginning in me of a new form of being, realizing my immortality so long as we dwell in You…

this is how it was with me in my first steps towards this Radiant Light that is You, God, our Father…

and since then you desired to know Me, as I had, in the past, manifested Myself to your fathers and forefathers;

where can I find words powerful enough to express my feelings to You and about You? in whatever way I will, I will still fall short; my spirit yearns after Your Paternal Love; consumed with thirst of Love for You, Yahweh, I await You daily, even in my dreams;

without Your Loving Hand, not for an instance would I have held out against the storms of the fiery persecutions that encircled me all these years! but they all disappear in Your Presence, and I, as You once said, feel like a bird, free, soaring the skies, I feel free!

liberty is found in the Spirit; I call all men to Myself; I call them to repentance first; I call them to drink from the Source of Life; blessed is the soul that has come to love Me; be happy My Vassula, never linger to come and pray, but beloved, suffer, to come to Me, in all times; work for Me with joy, with peace and Love;

Lord, my Maker, and Creator, have mercy on me…

I never refuse a repentant soul; I will give ear to all your prayers if they be according to My Will; grow in My Love, daughter, I Yahweh, bless you;