February 9, 2016

Lord, my God, so many times You have said to us that You are known to overthrow kingdoms, known to level cities when these provoke You and hinder Your passage among Your people; with all my respect of Your Holiness, it has been now over 30 years that You have been saying to be patient for our redemption and Your triumph to come and that ‘no country has been born in one day’, ‘nor that a city was built in one day’, as an expression to wait and not hurry; but after 30 years surely a city would have been already built, and surely a country would have inhabitants of 30 years olds; plus their children?

Vassula! are you right to be impatient?

evil is augmenting, we are being persecuted;

shall I take away now the life of three thirds of the inhabitants of the earth to perish in My Fire? or would I rather relent?

Lord, do You see any efforts from us to renounce our sins, and repent?

I am holding back My wrath,

by a thread?

no, by hearts who are anxiously praying for the conversion of the world and who are offering Me sacrificial love; and who are following My Bloodstained Footprints; these souls have devoted themselves entirely, body and soul to the wellbeing and conversion of their countrymen; I will be visiting you soon, but to pass a premature Judgment will not be profitable to anyone; however, My Judgment by Fire is not far from you; I have not deposited My Judgment in a cellar! My Judgment will be released; you see, Vassula, man’s compassion is limited and so is his patience, both never extend more than to his own self, but My compassion extends to everything that lives; courage! patience! they will not burst you!

Lord, bring peace to the world, bring unity in Your House and reconciliation;

look, for the sake of My Holy Name I will bring the House of the East together with the House of the West; have I not foretold you this?1 I have told you that you should esteem yourselves blessed for soon My Father will work miracles and that He will grant you who seek unity, a victory unprecedented; this was the result, daughter, of those sincere hearts who prayed for unity, yes! indeed God’s favour as I said would be shown soon…

therefore, My Walls will be rebuilt, erected as they were once, and, you, little shoot of the Eastern House, stand firm, be like a diamond encrusted on My Crown; no one can be truer in his word than I, Jesus Christ, who am the Truth; share My Friendship and do not be like a fence between you and Me; I delight in your closeness to Me; reward Me and continue to be faithful to your mission, reminding nations of My exuberant Love, My Infinite Mercy, and My Tenderness; reveal Me…

pray and love Me; I, Jesus, am all you need; ic

1 Message of the 2nd June, 2015