February 3, 2016

Lord of Heavens, Guarantor of our well-being, You who descended from above all the way to our room, to remind us of Your decrees and Your rulings to better observe Your Word and follow it, teach us to devote our self to You in obeying Your statutes; for as Your Word unfolds it beams with Light in our soul, enlightening it to fully understand Your Word;

I know that You are displeased with Your creatures 1

ah Vassula! My Eyes stream with tears because many disregard My Law of Love, My Law of Mercy; how much more am I to watch evil overpowering nation after nation? a universal peace is missing;

tell me, Lord, what can I do more? support me as You always did, uphold me and let me do what You want from me;

persevere, My Child, and let the zeal in you ignite into passion for My House, devouring you in flames to go forward without fear reminding everyone to repent, to pray without ceasing and to love Me your God; great will be My Triumph in the end;

my whole being longs for You, You have moved my soul to desire to be with You always, people who do not know You do not Love You, do not desire You, they do not repent; how can one convert them?

My Vassula, all are called since their birth to the vision of God, their Creator! but few are those who follow the path I have destined for them; if, therefore, they alienate themselves from Me, to My distress and pain, how will they then get to know Me and love Me? I am constantly calling them to repentance; an act that will purify their heart and be born in Me; I will be joined to their soul turning it into light; how can one convert them you ask; have you forgotten how? come now! through prayer… through acts of love, through great reparations, through sacrificial love offered for them! through the Rosary! and through several ‘Kyrie eleison’ so that I execute My Mercy on them, for through My Grace their hardened heart will soften…

listen, you infatuate Me, dear soul, when I peer in your heart; you who have become, through grace all that I wished you to be! pray for those who prefer the glory that comes from the world and that alienated themselves from Me; they are fearing My Cross, since My Cross is the Instrument that glorified Me, those that refuse to embrace My Cross have separated themselves from Me; I am One with My Cross! and as I once said to you: ‘ if you embrace Me, you embrace My Cross as well;

Lord! I have sworn to observe Your Law; however, keep reviving me as Your Word has guaranteed!

I will! I will direct your steps always; My Love will comfort you, and you will never be deprived of My Love… yes? tell Me!

I have a complaint, Lord; although there are many who got converted through this Message, they 2 are not givers but takers as You express; it is what I have said then: “that there is more happiness in giving than receiving…” (Acts 20:35) that is not practiced, these have to die to their ego! very few are givers in helping to make known Your Messages as well or giving a hand in the Beth Miriam houses, but others are quick to be generous 3 in helping;

every good and generous act of love counts in My Eyes; I will assess in My Day every soul, revealing all their actions and what they contain in their heart; I delight in souls who show their appreciation to Me, and remembering to thank Me through not only prayers but through acts of love…

this reminds me of the ten lepers that were healed by You and that only one returned back to thank You, no?

yes, you have read in Scriptures that when I was on My way to Jerusalem there were ten lepers who were waiting for Me; they called out to Me as they did not dare come too close to Me because of their disease; when I saw them I shouted back at them to hurry and go and show themselves to the priests; in their heart they knew that they would be healed on their way; and as they left, they were healed; however, no one of them bothered to come back and thank Me, except one, a Samaritan, who showed his appreciation, praising God and falling at My Feet…

You have given generously so many gifts to humanity that are unappreciated by charity, You never cease giving, Your Love cannot keep You waiting, it is so great, that You have descended on earth Yourself, manifesting Yourself openly to so many, even to non-Christians, because Your Heart is constantly on Fire and could not wait – You cannot resist!

Your generosity is extravagant, even then, Your own disciples then, were also wondering why You would do favors and miracles to the pagans, to the Samaritans, to everyone, and getting scandalized of Your familiarity and companionship with them; they would question You! they would question Your Authority; let please all those whom You healed respond to Your Goodness, relying only on You;

Vassula! a glorious nation shall rouse from the East; this nation will glorify Me! yes, indeed, I have manifested Myself to non-Christians, as well! so that men may see and know and observe and understand that My Mercy is limitless, it is great; My Love, Infinite! ‘do not be afraid’, I tell them; ‘for I am the Way, the Truth and the Life;’ I then show My Glory to them, and in awe they ask Me: ‘may I be a witness?’ ‘be a witness to show your joy of this encounter,’ I respond; so, Vassula, do not be saddened when I am delaying, according to you, of My return, be patient, little one, no country was born in one day! be like an olive tree growing in My Courts; your race is not over… rest your soul in Me, your God, alone you are not; be one with Me; we, us?

yes, we us…

I, Jesus, bless you ic

1 I did not finish my sentence when Jesus interrupted me and spoke
2 Jesus took over to say what I wanted to write
3 I don’t mean financially but in acts