December 13, 2015

Lord, take no notice of my weakness and of my wretchedness, but of the love You have stirred in my heart for You;

O Lord, gentle and meek,
You have taken me in Your Celestial Courts
to invite me to Your Rich Banquet,
feeding me with Celestial Manna,
You have crowned my soul so poor
with Your ineffable Love;
You’ve looked into the window of my heart
to blossom it with Your Gaze,
restoring every bit of it;
Your Words enchanted my heart,
and affected my soul to cry out:

‘the Lord in His Compassion gave me a rebirth, to distil pure myrrh from my mouth to honour Him, to praise Him to sing to Him…

and I, My beloved, have crowned your soul with sapphires; I have sometimes isolated you to have you only for Myself; oh yes! you do not have to look elsewhere for friendships, is not My Light enough for you? what need has earthly care given you? I have separated you from many things that bothered Me and even though you were at times unaware of yourself, struggling, to hold on to them, since your flesh is weak, I, your King and God, have overpowered your desires, desires that charmed you; I want My vessel for Myself, I want My vessel pure, I want My vessel to have the essence of all good!

I chased away for My Interests all indolence and any other weakness your spirit might have had; I replaced these with My Spirit’s gifts; Vassula, even if some of your oppressors still sound like cacophonies and are scandalized with My language, but even more scandalized of the choice I made, pray for them as well so that they receive this joy I give to those contrite hearts when their hearts open to receive Me, to receive this Message that illuminates hearts, drawing them ever so close to Me; and once I restore these hardened hearts, I will restore their integrity, by joining them to Me and their so impoverished soul; and once I extirpate their vices, I will possess them; and what was once a soiled terrain, will now be blessed, purified and healed, exempt from all evil! these are My Ways of Wisdom;

flower, be like a radar to detect evil when it comes within your range;1 be a beautiful soul! My closeness to you can turn you into a beautiful soul to allow Me to invade your soul with My Light shining on you so that when they see you, they will see Me, and so let our union be so complete that when you move your hand, your hand will be My Hand, My Eyes will be in your eyes;

let all who do not know learn that no one is befitting to be near Me, your God, but I, who am the Bridegroom of all My creation, anyone who is joined to Me, becomes bride to Me; and will live a true life in Me; I am the One and only who provides Life;

yet, I’m so insignificant, and it is mind-boggling that You, not only looked at me, but revealed Yourself as well to me! to this day still I cannot fathom it or understand it! how can it be that this God, so Glorious, Immortal in His Splendour has gazed at me, revealed Himself to me, spoke to me, intertwining Himself with me in His Embrace; this is truly pure folly!

ah, Vassula, I am your Father, your Creator, so am I not to love My child and the one I created? you belong to Me; all of you belong to Me! indeed I am in you and you are in Me; soul of My Heart, be assured that I will accomplish My Work in you, that surpasses your ability;

so do not cease in answering My Calls and do not get weary of writing My Hymn of Love; let My Words be like fire, flames of passion; yes! 2 you had not understood what I meant then when I said to you that you will serve Me with passion; passion comes after a true metanoia, engulfing you in flames of love, flames of passion, for Me your God and the desire to please Me, and a desire to feel My Presence; flames of passion that warm your heart to thirst for Me your God, passion to let My Holy Name be known, a passion like a fire that comes through the Holy Spirit to desire to do My Will alone, My Will that had asked you to revive My Church, to embellish it with My Knowledge and to unite it;

I have come to you to express My desires I have for My Church; I am God, the Creator and I tell you that through My Power I will continue to strengthen this flower which I grafted on Me so that no one will be able to extirpate it, smother it, or stamp on it, not even by the worst hurricane My enemy, the devil, might rise against it; I have you well-rooted in My Body, where your roots are solidly rooted and are being well nourished; My watch over you will be constant…

unworthy as I am You have loved me in such an ineffable way, to show the greatness of Your Love You have for all humanity, an unconditional Love; a Love that fills one’s soul with joy, a paternal Love that brings one to sacrifice all for the sake of salvation…

the passion to glorify You, my Lord, let it remain in my veins, the insatiable thirst You have given my soul, to make Your Holy Name known, let it augment in me;

therefore, be My apostle of Love and of Unity; remain in Me and I will remain in you; be in peace, give Me always your time! ic

1 I like when Jesus uses modern terms and He knows it! He knows it would make me smile even laugh and so He does this now and then just to please me.

2 Jesus reminded me to understand, finally, what He meant back then in the message of May 23, 1987 when He said to me: “were you to serve Me, I would reveal in you nothing but passion;” Not understanding and bewildered I just repeated: “ passion…” And He said: “yes, passion…” I finally understood that, yes, He loves us with passion and when I serve Him, I do it with flames of passion, passion of Love, passion in pleasing Him to make His Holy Name known as well as His Infinite Mercy and Love He has for us.