December 8, 2014

My Peace I give to you; (…) now hear Me:

My Vassula, this gift of hearing Me and having your spirit in My Celestial Courts, near My Throne, is so that I direct you to My people of all nations and creeds; you see, this is My last warning; I said in the Courts of Heaven: “I shall show Myself to My people in this manner, and entire nations will hear Me by means of a daughter of My Choice, a daughter from Egypt, the land that nourished Me…the land that protected Me from death, blessed be Egypt, My people, the land that I will always cherish in My Heart;”

I was determined in My Plan to approach you, daughter, and comfort you and instruct you with Wisdom; I delighted in you, although you still do not understand why, I delighted to see you in My Hands; I said: “I will trace a path for her, a path that does not swerve from the Truth; for the common good of My people; I will instruct a great number of people in a sagacious manner to learn directly from My Mouth; My Voice will be heard like cascades of running water; My friendship, like medicinal herbs; why, My comfort will be given to many; I will console My people; in this life I shall make My Presence felt and I shall govern My people and entire nations in this manner;

I knew, My Vassula, the hardships you would be facing for My Sake; this is why I said to you that My gift to you will not cease and that your wages will be that you will be allowed to call Me anytime in this manner, and that I will always answer you; a gift unlike all those that I have chosen.

I have been journeying with you through wilderness; so now allow Me to continue My plan in you, allow Me to use you as My Echo so that I may keep reminding My people, before My Father’s wrath disintegrates this earth, that royal dignity was theirs, yes, since the day I have created you all;

cease pouring your contempt on Me, your God, repent, and change your heart, creation, and do not approach Me only when disasters and hardships befall on you; lift your hearts to Me and I shall heal them! Ah, daughter, joy of My Heart, be one with Me!

My mouth will never cease praising You and longing for You;

I am your firm Refuge, beloved, content My Heart and love Me; ic