February 4, 2015

My Vassula! Were you not fed by My Hand?

yes, Lord, I was fed by Your Hand…

yes! were you not taught in My Courts with Wisdom?

yes, that too, Lord, praised be Your Holy Name; Your strength prevails over all!

joy of My Heart, continue tilling this harvest with the friends I have given you at your side and do not fear!

Satan’s plan from the start was to destroy My plan in you, with insolence, violence, arrogance and vainglory that he prompted on people who do not seek My Presence; I am the Power over all; listen, you have found favour in My Eyes, and My Love supports you every time you are about to slip; I am your Rock;

you see, Vassula, these are the Times that your thoughtless generation needed food from above; they have been led astray forgetting My Countenance, forgetting their roots, even insulting My Glory! how I pity those young souls who have totally lost their faith, sold to Satan! the Abyss is constantly being filled with the stench of death, and like a huge furnace that is being filled up, the Abyss’ smoke is turning the sky and the earth darker by the minute… the pain I experience is beyond human understanding; their rejection of My Presence and of My Divinity bear witness against these souls;

O My people! My youth, ruled by Satan, enticed by him, you are heading for your ruin! but, hear Me: I will continue to pour out My Spirit in your days on all mankind to renew My creation; this is now happening;

Yes, Lord, You have given us sight and understanding to see it and understand it; but why have the learned not understood that these are the times that You are renewing Your creation?

these things are hidden from the great and the lofty speakers and are revealed only to the humble, to the contrite hearts and to the simple of heart! these are the Times – ever so present – in which Scriptures say that I, God, will be living among you in a new way; 1 and that I will be making My home among you; 2 for these are the Times that I am making the whole of creation new! This is My new approach to you all; but alas for those who persecute My Spirit, they will be ending in the Abyss unless they repent! My Grace is given largely to anyone who repents! pray for those souls, to widen the space in their heart to receive My Light in them;

speak out in My Name, so that My Glory be revealed in you, as well as My Power; shout without fear, say to everyone that ‘God is near you and loves you!’3

these were the first words My Angel said to me!

yes! then, anyone whose heart is touched by those words, I will descend with power to feed them like a shepherd feeding His flock; and I will hold them next to My Sacred Heart; so, My Vassula, go and witness in My Name, stretching out, I-Am-with-you; carry on with what you have to do; 4 I Am always with you… ic

1 The Lord was always here with us in the Holy Eucharist but now apart from this Presence in the Eucharist, He approaches us in a new way in this End of Times in a manner through messages, revelations and appearances like never before in history.
2 Ap. 21
3 Words that were said to me by my Angel Daniel in the very beginning
4 Packing my bag for the next mission