November 25, 2014

– I came rushing to hear what our Lord was calling me for…

peace, I am My beloved’s and My desire is for you, dear soul; I have entrusted you with My Vineyards 1 and as morning came I saw that they are budding and their blossoms are opening; all of them are unique and Mine, that is why I intend to lead each one to perfection;

My sole desire since you were still in your mother’s womb was My longing to hurl you out to the nations, to all peoples, to remind them of their Prince of Peace and to call them to return, to return to Me, to return in the Courts of Yahweh where they belong! so haste, My beloved, and together I and you will watch over our Vineyards, like a watchman on a tower, and catch the foxes that come prowling in the night to create havoc of My Vineyards;

see how I come? I come to you all as a Fountain that makes the Vineyards fertile, as a Well-of-Living-Water with streams of Pure Water flowing from this Heart 2; whoever drinks this Water will never get thirsty again for it will turn into a spring inside him, welling up to eternal life;

remind My people again that I Am the Scriptures, for I come from above and My Word is Everlasting; therefore, Vassula, do not wait for human approval, this means nothing to Me, you too must not depend on human approval; I had appointed many witnesses before you; you are not the first, nor will you be the last; I have sent messengers who gave their testimony to the Truth, in My Name; they all came as a lamp alight and shining in the darkness of the people’s soul, so do not be surprised at this when they reject you in their disbelief; many of the so-called righteous, study the Scriptures, yet when I shine in front of them they do not recognize Me; if they refuse to believe what I have written in your Times, how can they believe in the Scriptures?

I have said that before the great Day of the Lord dawns, your sons and daughter shall prophecy, your young men shall see dreams, even to the least I will pour out My Spirit; and I will display portents in heaven above and signs on earth below;

– thank You, Lord, for You, who have called me, have not left me, but are with me;

yes, until the end which will be the beginning; I am living in you as you are living in Me, let My Name be known to the world and continue to testify so that the world comes to know of the greatness of the Love I have for them; the Spirit of Truth will continue to lead you and many others to the things to come; He will enlighten your path with sapphires, and people will ask: ‘ who is this arising like a resplendent Sun?’ and they will recognize My Spirit; ‘pull me out of the net,’ some will cry out, ‘Yahweh, My God, help me and heal me,’ others will plead; then I shall call them all to eat the fruit of My Vineyards; there they will learn that I am their Bastion, their Rock and their Redeemer, the Word, their God, the One and only who will overpower evil;

My Spirit like a Sun will strike many souls, revealing to them their guilt, and how their sins in their wretchedness disfigured their soul and how unworthy they became in the Eyes of God; He will open the depths of their soul, burning to the root all their evil tendencies; then when My Spirit will have purged them, My Love will be revealed to them; and I will grant them mystical Wisdom, anointing graces and I will unify them with Us;

I tell you solemnly, if a man serves Me, he must not look behind, he must follow Me, wherever I am and wherever I will go and lead him; he who rejects Me, denies My Words, or leaves Me because of hardships, will have his share; live in peace, daughter, it is you I want; yes, I have said this the other day, but I am prepared now to come to you, but My Wisdom’s Love quite rightly will bear with you to remain at My service; I offered you all, Wisdom and insight, to live for Love and bring freedom through My Word to all who would willingly hear My Voice; let those who were away from Me, yet who heard My Messages, be blessed; I tell you: peace to you who were far away, and peace to those who were near at hand; 3

I bless you daughter, ic

1 the TLIG prayer groups
2 Jesus was pointing with His Finger at His Heart
3 Is 57:19