April 10, 2015

You visit the earth and water it from Your Sources that give life, You load our generation with spiritual riches through Your Holy Spirit, You have never forgotten us;

our cups brim over with Your Righteousness to quench our dryness, You provide our soul with celestial manna, You pour anointed oil on our unworthy heads, and with abundance You give us good things;

but what have we done? we have reduced the once fertile valleys You gave us into deserts, we turned Your Life giving Source into a dry land, we have done deeds that have blasphemed Your Holy Name, we continue to do evil things; we have laid snares in every virtuous path, we continue to choose the bitter venom of the serpents than the sweet honey from Your Mouth, and still Your Faithful Love has never ceased to be pouring on us! Lord! How can you bear with us?

I Am; no one can be more truthful and faithful than Me, your Saviour; greater than My Love you will not find; see what marvels I have done in you and in all of those who listened to My Call? even to those who never sought Me? I have spoken and they heard Me;

I have sung this Song so that I show My Mercy, before My Day comes, I summoned the earth to hear My new Song, from east to west, from north to south, which precedes a devouring fire; I penned all these sayings for your generation, and I would say, for your famished generation, to lead you to repentance and purify you from your sins; I have been constant in My Calling, but man in his prosperity has abandoned Me and all that is Holy; the soul I have created to be happy is not, because evil cannot nourish and provide your souls to be joyful; I tell you, My Presence is imminent, but when I will appear, those who are living in wickedness and have not repented, the tomb will be their eternal home; and it would be the east wind that will wreck them;

I have filled you with blessings and I showed My favour upon you, Vassula; My insatiable thirst for a return of Love was shown to you from the very beginning of My Call; I turned your attention on My ineffable Love so that you abandon your disloyalty, and as I said some time ago, you were the prototype of your generation; a lost sheep among many with empty headed words that filled your mouth; and instead of punishing you I responded with forgiveness and compassion; then, like a Bridegroom looking after his bride, I led you through My porticos, entering in My royal courts to teach you and others this song of love, revealing My righteousness world wide, and the most distant parts of the world have seen my Love and Mercy;

I am soon to come and judge the world, and no one can say, that I have not spoken in this way to warn them; in the past, I have spoken to your ancestors in a pillar of cloud, teaching them and guiding them to follow My precepts; today, I am still speaking to you in various ways; I have a variety of ways to approach my people with generosity and counsel; I addressed this generation with a Poem, and with oil of gladness I anointed every soul that came back to Me;

reflection of My Love! watcher of My Interests! persevere and I, the Lord, will fill your mouth with honey and oil to anoint My people and so that you declare those discourses in My Name; let your lips utter words of Wisdom and the prophecies I have given you;

oh how My Heart yearns for My people to recognize Me through these sayings; pray for them and ask the Father to fill them with the Spirit of Understanding! So that they stop asking: ‘what is this? why is that so?’ for I have created all things for their function and I have had My purpose for all things, so lift your Eyes and look at the Heavens and glorify Me; ic