April 8, 2014

I Am; My plan in you for spreading My Kingdom and the Unity of the Church will continue with blessings; blessings that will strengthen you, My child; if the people have refused to hear My warnings refused to listen they will not escape their punishment; some of them belittle My Messages and belittle you and the riches of light that proceed from Our union and the divine transformation that took place in your soul;

My Church needs to be renewed; if anyone asks: ‘in which way can it be renewed?’ My answer is: it should be renewed again by contemplative teachings that teach the soul the divine riches of mystical knowledge; contemplating fully My Divinity; the soul then will be lead into the Nuptial Chamber, where I, the Bridegroom, veiled, concealing My Divinity and Majesty will be waiting; I will allow a pure soul to lift the dazzling veil and discover My Majesty and My Divinity;

if today My Church has ceased teaching the way a soul can reach a transforming union with Me, your God, it will be hard for anyone to possess Me and get to know Me; My child, can any soul dwell without Me being united to her? no; this is why, My pupil, My Messages give life, and this is one of the reasons Satan, disturbed, misleads many to fear you and condemn you; tell them that My Spirit flees from a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that weaves wicked plots, who feel that urge to do evil, a false witness who lies with every breath, a man who sows dissension among brothers; and I would add, those who take pleasure in doing evil;

reforming and renewing My Church, is against the evil one, who wants My Church to be reduced into a desert! and as for your priests 1 who desperately need to be reformed, what do I care about them incensing My icons, when I need incense from their heart! they bear My Name, but have no knowledge of Me as a living God; I have given them signs to lift their veil of death, but, My sister, no one repents; I will keep purging them 2 to train them to acknowledge Me through their trials;

sexual immorality is a sin against your body which is the temple of the Holy Spirit; but today your nation together with other nations have become a harlot’s dwelling; I have priests who fear to declare this sin and use compromises instead; this is Satan’s hour; My Messages pronounce the Truth about detachment, that is what has to be practiced;

to accept My Cross is difficult for some, that is why they are lenient with compromises; how will these 3 change after death? how can I intensify My Love in them when their hearts have hardened? how is it that their hearts are far from the Wisdom of God that is known to work wonders and that can manifest itself in anyone that God chooses, turning and transforming their soul to be zealous in their effacement, royal in their poverty, a piercing gaze in their meekness?

has anyone noticed that through your self-dying My Love raised you to be My bearer, evangelizing and teaching ears that are ready to hear? and as My Presence is with you, so is My Light upon you, covering you and your surrounding; My pure Light flows out, expanding, teaching and converting;

many of them hear of My Love, as you read out My Messages to them, many perceive that My Words are a Life giving Spring; so an awakening takes place that makes them thirst to know more of My sublime mysteries and of My Divine Love and of My sweetness all of which are hidden in My depths; what has anyone understood, if today My Church has intellectualized these mysteries? mysteries that I am willing to reveal in your days with simple terms and with clarity, through this instrument, that I have chosen?

death’s terrors are around the corner and My Angels are trembling with fear watching the Almighty One if in His fury will let His Hand fall crashing down on this evil generation;

I weep tears of Blood, when I watch how, in spite of My obvious signs given to you all, My shepherds still hound those I am sending and how they sneer with arrogance on the Work of My Hands; they remain deaf to My Calls, deaf to My crying, but soon, yes, your soon, the earth will be put aflame, as in the time of Sodom and Gomorrah that My Father overthrew, then I will show My Glory through the Eastern House; 4

today I have provided that House with a Guardian Archangel 5, to lead that House to be an exemplary of My Holiness; once, in the past, this House was as lost sheep; their shepherds dishonoured, rebuked, and many were put to death; an immense destruction filled that House and its inhabitants; I have selected this nation to glorify Me; anointed by Me, My Hand will be constantly with them; and everyone will dread them as they will be reflecting My Light; Obscurity will fear My Brightness; oh yes, for I have blessed this nation that it does not fall again and become slaves of unethical passions that come from demons; I will prevent this House from imitating the nations of their evil customs;

with uprightness and virtue I will lead them to walk with Me; to respect life, oh yes! I will guide this House in the path of My Commandments and no, I will not allow you 6 to stray from My Commandments; keep treasuring My promises in your heart; fix your gaze in Heaven for I, God, am your guarantor; have My peace, My Vassula and hold fast on to Me; have Me as first; I bless you, child; ic

1 Greek Orthodox priests

2 the whole of Greece?

3 these people

4 Russian Church

5 St. Michael the Archangel

6 Russia’s Church