April 27, 2014

My Peace I give to you; born of Me, listen to My Words and pen them down: I have opened the Heavenly Gates of My Mercy, My Compassion and My Love to pour over this generation; with sweetness and tenderness I have approached them, cleansing them with the Source of a Life giving water of rebirth and renewing them with My Holy Spirit; with great generosity I poured out anointed graces to turn their hearts so hardened into hearts of flesh; these are the fore signs I am giving you all before My Day of return;

I have selected souls to become apostles, apostles of these End of Times, training them to be warriors in this spiritual battle of your so apostatized times… I Myself have anointed them and gave them the authority to preach and remind the world of My Word, yes! respelling My Word, but with fire in their mouth; in My Name I have allowed them to cast out devils and when they would lay their hands on the sick they would recover;

here I am your God and all, conversing with you directly as Holy Companion and as Father to His child; I did not avert My Gaze from you all but in My Compassion I leaned over you to embrace you and with tenderness as a mother does with her own babe; and like a watercourse running into a garden My Spirit is sent to water this dry land; have I not said that I will come, one day when the earth will be covered with obscurity, with My Spirit to shine on you, sending His Light far and wide? have I not said that I shall pour out teachings like prophecy, instructing My people once more and making discipline shine out far and wide as a legacy to all future generations? thus raising disciples that will be among you?

tell Me: have you truly understood what “True Life” means? and why I have chosen the title for My Work to be called “True Life in God”? because this Message that will become wider than the sea is a gift from Wisdom and through Wisdom’s instructions you will be regenerated for your soul will be joined to the True Life, the One who brings you back to life in Me, I, the Christ; yes, the Holy Spirit who is the giver of Life will raise you from your spiritual death giving you a True resurrection in Me, your God! My Noble Theme will be addressed in your homilies, like a poem, sweetening the tongues of those who will be proclaiming it; their lips moist with grace will become a blessing for My flock;

daughter, utter My sayings and do not fear, by your side I Am; I will lift you above all your oppressors, just as I showed it to you in your vision; 1 I, the Lord, am not only your Saviour and God, but your Flame of Love, your Companion, your Friend and your Brother, your Father, your All! now come, daughter, lean on Me; ic  I, Jesus love you!

1 the vision of the Dove