February 17, 2014

Lord, what can one do more? things go from bad to worse!

ah! Vassula, you are in My tracks, My Passion; many of My shepherds are imprisoned in their flesh; those who preach without faith or sincerity are grieving Me; they only wish to focus on My envoy to harden your life; even when My Works on you have brought good fruits into their hands, still, they would stamp their feet with a unique thought in their mind: and that is to cast you away; however, and whatever they do to you, bear for My Sake with humility and patience, gentleness and love the road I laid out for you; you have been given grace according to the measure of My gift to you;

pray always, My child, and be a witness of love; pray that your love may grow and fill your hands with abundant fruits; and when you speak My Word, speak without fear; see? My Word is faithful; I had said to you that My Presence will always be omnipresent and many listening in your presence will see Me as well; My child, I, Jesus, will continue to appear on you!

all who labour with you, I bless, I bless them for their love and their faithfulness in this Work; this wickedness and perversion of this generation will augment My fury and Justice will be shown by Fire, kindling cities, streets, becoming a desolation, symbolizing the desolation of their soul!

I shall cleanse this generation only by Fire; they have denied Me, denied My existence, denied My Law; so go, My child, and witness to this rebellious generation;

I bless you in the greatness of the love I have for you… ic I Jesus Am, yes…