June 24, 2011

My child, I am your Father, allow Me to be working through you;

delight Me always by admitting you are a sinner and incapable to have reached where you are on your own;

no man is perfect; however, when the Holy Spirit dwells within you, and reveals Himself, giving you His grace, He unites body and soul to Us, glorifying Us… thus, in abiding in you, He perfects you, giving you the essence of all good;

you have said well: that I have been giving ample teachings to you and to this generation about the Holy Spirit, due to so much misunderstanding and lack of Knowledge, since He is the least known of the Trinity; you have addressed Him many times and He spoke to you, and this was done so that they understand that He is the third divine Person of the Trinity; 1

My child, utterly wretched, I will complete My plan in you, so do not worry about failing Me, do not listen to the one 2 whose desire was and is to wrench you from My Embrace; the renewal is occurring and every soul that is transformed I am glorified; every soul that returns to Me is blessed;

see, Vassula, through your efforts and through your denials you wrench souls from Satan and he, no longer has a hold on them; this act, I would add, this salvific act, has its cost too, but the well-being of each soul and its safety is essential;

as I said to you before: the true theology is the contemplation to Me, your God; let your critics criticize you if they wish; worldly knowledge or knowledge from books do not come to terms with the Knowledge given by the Spirit through a revelation; it is the Spirit who takes different ways to attain you and teach you, through signs, through a revelation, through a personal experience, through lights of mystical knowledge and understanding, all these things: Vassula ‘Mou’ 3 I have given you wings to fly to be free as a bird soaring the skies; ascend to the heights, ascend to heaven and obtain the ineffable virtues accessible to everyone; I, who am your Maker and Father bless you; live in My Peace;


1 and not just a dove as a symbol
2 Satan
3 Greek word meaning ‘My’