May 18, 2011

Vassula, My child: I am Peace and Love; write:

the voice of My envoys is not heard in the filth of their sins; your1 shepherds are asleep and your people alike; My sheep are scattered; I find no comfort in their heart; corpses are scattered and as I walk, I stumble on corpses; countless in number; I have come to them like a shepherd to rescue and save those who have fallen away from My Word; a few have listened to My Merciful call and I assembled them with delight near Me; now if your nation is in dirge and broken and the powers drink the wine of your people depriving them and leaving whole families powerless, pushing the poor to be poorer, My Heart pains Me with sorrow;

I have, for a while, tread on their soil 2 burning with desire to pasture them; but My Crown was thrust down with cries of insults by My shepherds, raising their voice on My gift; ah! because they have sworn to wrestle against Me, while I was giving them food and drink 3 and offering My Heart in My Hand, their nation will beat their breast; I was determined to assemble them all and lead them to My Kingdom; and graze My sheep; and teach the wicked to abandon his ways, the evil man his thoughts; I was ready to carry you 4 on My shoulders, treat you preciously, for you are My child, and I am rich in forgiving; even when your angels, warned you of your vanity, calling out to you:

“beware! Do not curse your King! Do not provoke His Justice, for you will mourn and wail in distress! the powers from above are shaken and your torments will increase… do not flare up the wrath of God; cease in doing evil; repent and grieve Him no more;”

yet they did not want to listen; you see, daughter, I Am in your midst, in your midst I Am, but they treat Me with contempt; I am forgotten; wrapped in their indifference, My shepherds have not answered Me; nor have they tasted My sweetness so as not to wither away … I am the Rock but their delight is to lean on fog, not on Me;

when they deny that you are hearing Me or seeing Me in your heart, in their disbelief they are distorting the Scriptures; I dwell in all man, so how could they deny My Presence?

Lord, You have enlarged the vision of my soul, allowing me to contemplate You in Your magnificence;

You come and go, You appear at length then disappear, vanishing at greater length, yet You are always with me…

Vassula, the problem with My shepherds is that they have intellectualized Me; some possess Me, but many do not; My Spirit is resting on you and I have proven it to many; the signs that you come from Me, are ever so visible; rejoice! for your Saviour, whom you have seen in your childhood and who was calling you, never ceased to be with you: were you not insulted, slandered, accused of being an imposter and the like? were you not persecuted for My Sake? these are the signs that My Spirit is and has been resting on you;

prophecy as a gift is rejected by your shepherds, but that does not mean that the prophetic Spirit has ceased to be! Scriptures never lie and you should firmly hold on to them;

when the earth is sullied with sin, apostasy and mastered by Satan, would I not intervene? would I not send My Holy Spirit to move My chosen one and speak in My Name? it is a fatal thing to deny the gift of prophecy; so, My Vassula, stand your ground, never falter, or waver, grow in My grace, and learn from Me; I delight in you… come, we, us? ic

1 in my country, Greece
2 figurative
3 spiritual food through these Messages
4 Greece